Kastelholm Castle | Picture of Kastelholm |Kastelholm Castle in Mariehamn

Kastelholm Castle

Kastelholm Castle is a building which is constructed by Swedish. Castle is located at Road 2 in Sund, Aland, Finland. This castle has 25 km distance from Mariehamn. Castle was constructed in 14th century and it is on a small island which is surrounded by water, moats filled with several pole lines.

Castle was constructed with bricks and mortar mixture. Castle has two gates with 15 meters high in place.Kastelholm Castle is very famous tour place and it is easily accessible. The near station is Mariehamn. You can reach by bus or car. Every July, medieval festival occurs with replete with dances, programs, foods, jousting occurs. Near castle golf court is there. You can play there.

Kastelholm Castle | Picture of Kastelholm |Kastelholm Castle in Mariehamn

Kastelholm Castle


Opening hours:

Opening hours of Kastelholm Castle is every day 10 am–5 pm.

Admission Fees:

Children 7-15 years, students, seniors: 4, 50 €, Adults: 6 €

Kastelholm Castle Address: 

Kastelholm 22520,

Aland Islands

Castle has other attractive places which include the Outdoor Museum Jan Karlsgården, which is next to the castle, and the nearby ruins of Bomarsund, a huge Russian-built naval fortress. 

Kastelholm Castle

How to reach:

1. By air:

Aland Islands have two airports such as Kumlinge Airfield located at Kumlinge and Mariehamn Airport is located at Mariehamn. From airport you can use busses or cars or private taxi.

2. By bus:

Public busses are available in weekdays only.

3. By car:

 You can easily accessible by car from Mariehamn and Kumlinge.

Where to stay:

You can stay in hotels or resorts. Such as,

  • Pub Stallhagen
  • Bagarstugan Café & Vin
  • Smakbyn
  • Nautical
  • Indigo Restaurang & Bar
  • Kvarter5
  • Pizza Diablo
  • ASS Paviljongen
  • HavsVidden Restaurant
  • FP Von Knorring

Other attractive places to visit:

  1. Pommern
  2. Aland Maritime museum
  3. Aland Museum
  4. Museifartyget Pommern
  5. Kobba Klintar
  6. Vita Bjorn Prison Museum
  7. Sjokvarteret
  8. Badhuset Mariebad
  9. Postrotemuseet
  10. Stenkrossen
  11. Orrdalsklint

Kastelholm Castle

Shopping in Kastelholm Castle:

Grindstugan shop, There are current info brochures and they sell souvenirs, books, postcards, stamps, glass etc.

Things to do in Aland:

6 things you must do in Aland. Whether sightseeing, relaxing, or getting active is your thing, Aland is definitely worth a visit.

Kastelholm Castle


You can stay in hotels or resorts. Such as,

  1. Pub Stallhagen
  2. Bagarstugan Café & Vin
  3. Smakbyn
  4. Nautical
  5. Indigo Restaurang & Bar
  6. Kvarter5
  7. Pizza Diablo
  8. ASS Paviljongen
  9. HavsVidden Restaurant
  10. FP Von Knorring

Aland Islands are located in the region of Finland. Aland Islands are ruled accordingly to the act on Autonomy of Aland and international treaties. Aland has its own national flag, has issued its own postage stamps since 1984. Islands are free from conscription. These islands are considered separate entity for amateur radio purposes.

1. Charming Mariehamn:

Mariehamn, the capital of Aland, This little maritime town welcomes you with its charming wooden houses and lovely cafes with summer terraces. For a town the size of Mariehamn, the service and supply of restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and shops, is great. With its 1.5 million tourists each year, the town feels more spacious and larger than many other towns of the same size.

2. Enjoy the Peaceful Seascapes:

In Aland you can spend all day canoeing or kayaking without encountering anyone. Canoeing and kayaking are excellent ways to experience the natural beauty of Aland while getting great exercise – you might even catch a glimpse of a sea eagle.

3. Go Cycling:

Aland is great for touring on a cycle. Roads are flat and ferries and bridges link the numerous islands together. Everywhere is suitable for families and the sightseeing starts as soon as you hop on your cycle. Cycles can either be brought over on the ferry or rented in Mariehamn.

4. The Aland Maritime Museum:

The Aland Maritime Museum is a colorful museum that tells the story about the Aland shipping era. Among the model ships, figureheads and photographs there are many interesting stories about shippers and weathered sailors to get acquainted with.

5. The Aland Hunting and Fishing Museum:

The museum in Eckero tells fascinating tales about how the natives hunted and fished long ago. Children can also dig for glass pearls, play on the children’s fish market and also paint their own plaster figure to bring home.

6. Jan Karlsgarden museum:

Jan Karlsgarden provides the visitor with a comprehensive view of the life and building traditions that once existed here. The Jan Karlsgarden open-air museum shows the visitors how life may have been at a farm on Aland in the late 1800s how people lived and worked there. Various activities are also arranged here all the year round.

During the summer different kind of activity days are arranged, and ever since the 1940s a traditional midsummer pole has been raised at Jan Karlsgarden on Midsummer’s Evenings. Lillajulmarknaden, the biggest Christmas market on Aland, takes place at Jan Karlsgarden during the first weekend in December.


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