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Diary Store is the best way of storing daily life memories in an electronic way. We, at Diary Store encourage users to preserve their memorable moments in the form of photos, screenshots, video and audio. Now, the archival of scrapbook write ups, planners and other stuff is just a click away and can be loaded at anytime from an unlimited stockpiling memory. Diary Store welcomes all age groups to register and to use features like E-Diary, Family and Friends, Education, Inspire, Health and Beauty and Tour. Diary Store offers a vast amount of data about Education, Health and Beauty, Motivational and Inspirational, and worldwide Travel guide that helps all the age groups to have gleeful and healthy lifestyle with excitement, enjoyment and informative.

E-Diary allows registered users to write the daily tasks either online, instantly or write them offline and upload the file at their convenient time. This information is highly secured with 256-bit encryption standards and can be accessed from any part of the globe. E-Diary has three categories Personal, Educational and Business to address people with distinctive needs. Registered users will have the access to different classes of E-Diaries depends on their age group. Users are recommended to provide the date of birth during the registration so as to enable them to choose from Personal, Educational and Business based on the age. Users above 25 years of age can access Personal and Business; the users under 25 can access Educational and Personal. Nevertheless, all the E-Diaries have unlimited storage to write every day with wide variety of composed title tags. Users can write and store all their assignments, memories, photos, videos, and documents.

Family and Friends feature allows the registered users to store their Family and Friends relation experiences permanently including text, photos, videos and documents. User can record memorable moments and experiences. User can get connected with their friends or family through request and approval process.  User can categories the friends list like School, College, University, Company and others. Similarly, select Relation Type as Family then select the family category like father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, aunty, uncle and others. User can view the profile of their family and friends and also add notes about their relation. User can also chat and share their memorable moments, photos and travel experiences with their friend and family member’s.

Education catalogue provides academic oriented information of educational institutes across the world, editorial articles, Science and Technology articles, Innovations, Jobs, Cultural news, admission requirements, and many more.

Inspire feature is the source for everyone’s inspiration from global leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, businessmen, and ancient philosophers. Diary Store also publishes the videos of giants’ autobiographies and inspirational speeches to overcome from failures, struggles and boosts the confident levels.

Health and Beauty publishes the genuine tips for physical fitness, yoga, cycling, cardiac exercise and also precautionary information about seasonal diseases and their treatment. Also, reports beauty tips for hair, face and skin. Further includes healthy food habits, natural therapies and home remedies for healthier lifestyle.

Tour guide provides the optimum plan for users’ vacation including touring place location, nearby attractions, visiting hours, tickets, and history. We also include travel information by air, road and rail.

Let Start Your  electronic diary to write and store all memorables at E-Diary 

We hope you will have a great time at Diary Store ……!

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Registered user (you) can write e-diary and store all memories includes Photos, Videos and Documents ..

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Family & Friends

Diary store welcomes the public to store their Family and Friends information permanently.

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Education column is dedicated for educational institute’s information (schools, colleges, universities and private institutes etc.)

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Health & Beauty

Health N Beauty column will provide information for healthy life to always keep you at the best health

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You can share your inspired stories, videos, pictures. Also you can find number of stories from us.

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Tour section helps you search the attractions across the world and to plan your holidays and share your experience.

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