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Worlds Fattest woman | 500 kg Weight-loss surgery in India | Eman Ahmed

Worlds Fattest woman

Worlds fattest woman - The world’s fattest woman Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty was born on 1980 in Alexandria, Egypt. Now she has weight about 500 kg as of 2016 and her weight became recorded as 2nd heaviest girl in the history. Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty is taken into consideration to be the heaviest dwelling girl in the globe. The first heaviest weight person is Carol Yager.

Worlds Fattest Woman At Young Age:

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty weighed five kg at the time of her birth. After two years of age her dad and mom had discovered that she was gaining heavy weight because of thyroid hassle. She couldn’t move and stroll because of her excess weight and because of this she stopped her schooling.

Worlds Fattest woman

Eman Young age photos-Worlds Fattest woman 

World’s Fattest Woman Later Stages:

  • World’s fattest woman Abd El weighed about 5kg when she was born and started to put on weight by the age of 11.
  • She had to discontinue schooling after the class V due to thyroid problems.
  • Last two years back, whilst she weighed 300kg, she had excessive cholesterol and an unexpected stroke left her paralysed, impacted her speech and left her completely bedridden.
  • By 2016, Abd El Aty weighed approximately 500kg and was diagnosed with intense lymphedema, water retention, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

Worlds Fattest woman

Eman Travelling to India-Worlds Fattest woman 

World's Fattest Woman Gets Indian Government Support:

  • External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, in the course of her stay at AIIMS Delhi, communicated with officials on the Indian embassy in Egypt who had rejected Abd El Aty’s visa application to come to India for treatment.
  • World’s Fattest woman Abd El Aty, who lay in a mainly created bed through Egyptian artisans, travelled in Egyptair freighter aircraft Airbus 300-600 to Mumbai and was bought to Saifee hospital in an open to sky truck, covered by all sides for safety purposes.
  • She is presently at a specifically created 1,000 sqft first-floor facility, which used to be the accounts office previously. A ground floor, created through Saifee for Ahmed was demolished through Brihanmumbai Municipal business enterprise (BMC) because of lack of permission.
  • World’s Fattest woman Abd El Aty is presently under the observation. Before any surgical intervention, she will need a sequence of clinical tests including routine body checkup and a complete body profile check. Doctors will also do a special gene study for the 91 different types of biomarkers isolated with the obesity related syndrome.

Worlds Fattest woman

Eman Travelling Airport to Hospital in Mumbai, India-Worlds Fattest woman 

Weight Loss Treatment For World's Fattest Woman:

The parents of Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty have attempted to get weight reduction in Egypt but their financials did not support for treatment. Thankfully, Saifee medical hospital, Mumbai, India has the equipment for weight reduction Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy treatment and came forward to provide free of cost. On March 7, 2017 Eman Ahmed travelled to India where a group of doctors, headed by Muffazal Lakdawala, treated her effectively by bariatric surgical equipment. The medical team of doctors consisted of an endocrinologist, a chest doctor, a cardiologist, a cardiac health care professional, bariatric surgeons and 3 anaesthetists. Eman Ahmed was to go through two operations and at some stage in the subsequent 3 and a half years, to lessen her weight to much less than 100kg.

Worlds Fattest woman

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy For The World's Fattest Woman :

This sensitive and complex remedy includes removing maximum of the stomach, prescribing the amount of food the patient may eat. Doctors plan to reduce patient’s weight underneath two hundred kg within six months.

Credit: Hindustan Times

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