How To Get Canada PR visa To Permanent Settle In Canada?


Canada, the second largest country after Russia, touches two oceans, namely, the Atlantic and the pacific. Besides from thrilling weather and scenic atmosphere, there are immense reasons to get Canada PR visa. The well developed and progressive economy with better employment rate and simple immigration policies, it makes the perfect place to permanent settle down in Canada. Every year, the maple leaf country entices thousands of PR aspirants to get PR visa.

Are you looking for Canada PR visa? Do you want to know the entire process of permanent residency visa? There are various PR programs in Canada where an applicant can choose the appropriate one that suits in best manner.  As Canada operates a point based system, thus the selection of PR visa is based upon the total points you have scored. This means that the aspirant’s points score depending on a number of deciding factors such as current age, academic qualifications, skilled employment experience, and official language ability and so on.

You can evaluate your points using Canada PR points Calculator. The higher your points, the higher chances you will receive to get PR visa for Canada. You can get PR visa through fast track immigration programs of Canada Express Entry which allows individuals to come and settle in Canada for various purposes. This program is popular and in high demand now a day’s who seek for permanent residency visa.

Canada PR

It is highly recommended program which invites number of skilled and well competent personnel. To apply for Canada PR visa, following are the necessary steps which you need to carry out as:

  • Educational Credential Assessment

The first step is to complete your Educational credential assessment (ECA) which spells if your education is equivalent to Canadian standards.

  • Meet IELTS requirements

It is evident to be proficient in your English language. Thus, you need to attempt IELTS exam which tells about your proficiency in English language. To be eligible, a minimum 6 bands are required to score in IELTS exam.

  • Create Express Entry Profile

For getting Canada PR visa, it is mandatorily to create an online profile by fulfilling all the eligibility criteria. This process is a part of online immigration.

  • File application for PNP

As a visa applicant, you can apply for different provincial nomination programs. Each province manages these programs and if you got nominated, a 600 bonus points will be awarded that are a part of your overall score.

  • Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

You have to receive an Invitation to apply (ITA) if Express Entry profile got selected from the recent draw. On receiving an ITA, you must submit your Canada PR Visa application within 60 days.

  • Go for Health Check up and police verification

If you receive ITA, the next step is to complete your health checkups from a team of authorized doctors. The doctors should be approved from IRCC and country’s immigration authority. You need to submit a police clearance from own cities for over six months or more.

  • Obtain PR status confirmation

You need to review your application and furnish all the details. If your application will be processed within a couple of months, you will be confirmed you Canada PR visa. As an applicant, you will be granted with COPR card (Confirmation of Permanent residence).

If you have any query related to Canada PR process, you can connect with best visa experts at Aptech Global. Once you fill the online assessment form, you will soon receive a callback from one of visa specialists.

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