On a journey to Ladakh with my best buddy


Read on to know about the tips and tricks if you are planning to go to Ladakh with your favorite buddy. Yes, I am talking about your pet dog. The journey will be nothing less than exciting and thrilling when you decide to travel on it with your pet pal. 

It happened two years ago; I remember how excited we were when we decided to embark on the journey to Leh Ladakh. It was a journey to the world’s most beautiful place, and I had my buddy to accompany me alongside – My most precious pet dog Jack. 
To experience the magic of the mountains, and put them down in words will not justify its beauty as much as it will when you go there and experience it yourself. There is so much to see and absorb in this magical land that I was dumbstruck after a point. My journey was even more special because I made it with my lovely buddy. 

It is definitely not a normal trip once you decide to travel along with your pet. Hiking with your dog on the mountains of Ladakh can get tricky and get you into trouble if you don’t take proper precautions. Jack and I ran into our journey, not knowing what’s in store for us. I am sure we came back with a full heart and lots of memories to be cherished forever. It seemed that he was also searching for some meaning in the majestic mountains. 

He took care of me and stayed with me throughout the trek, keeping a watch on others, staying up in the nights, barking on finding anything suspicious or a sign of danger ahead. Much like a friend, Jack was completely involved in the journey. He gelled up with the other mountain dogs and found new friends on the journey as well. Most of the travelers in the journey became super friendly with him. Many of them also took pictures with him to take back home. Jack was amazing throughout and posed like an expert with all my tourists’ friends. By the end of the journey, he has become everyone’s favorite. 

If you are planning to go hiking in the mountains of Leh Ladakh along with your pet dog, you’d probably be wondering how to go about it. Read on the below few tips to enjoy an uninterrupted and beautiful hiking experience along with your dog even in the Ladakh mountains. 

Making them walk daily to moderate hikes for a couple of hours worked well. It’s important to know your dog's limit. So always take them for long walks before planning for such trips. 
Go for a routine check up :
Every Dog is different, So before you decide to book your tickets with your pets, Please pay a visit to the vet to get a routine health checkup done. Find out from them, what things can make your put uncomfortable. Your dog may not be able to climb the mountains at all.
Your vet can identify areas where you can probably work on and which can make things really smooth and easier while you are on your real journey. Train your Dog for the trail beforehand :
Just like humans, the stamina for dogs can also be improved upon through training. These trained dogs can last on the hike for a longer period with regular exercise and diet. It is definitely a good idea to shape them up before starting to climb. 
Make sure when you call, they come. They stop when you and remain calm around others when you ask them to do so. More importantly, you should make sure they don’t create trouble for himself and you both. 
Understand your dog’s physical appearance : 
While some dogs may have thick skin and more hair which makes them equipped to tolerate the cold and harsh weather, there are some dogs with short hair too who might get infected sooner in the freezing temperatures. In such cases, you can get proper clothing for your doggie just like a winter coat.  The peaks of Ladakh and rocky terrain can be quite challenging for a dog. The rocks can make it difficult for them to climb. In such cases, you should lead them in dangerous trails and not rush them into some misleading steps. 
Avoid Dangerous Roads and trails :
Your dog may get lost in the mountains so it is very important to do some research about the place and the obstacles you may encounter in the journey beforehand. Obviously, you won’t want your dogs to be attacked by predators, but you would also not want your dog to attack them either. Most of the places in Ladakh have these predators, so you need to know in advance what are your chances to encounter one and how you will deal with it. Generally, the dogs can get harder and more abrasive in certain conditions, so you need to be watchful. 

Pack well : 
If you know the paths, you will be hiking on in advance which are rocky and difficult. Make sure to buy waterproof hiking shoes for your dogs to protect its paws. Just as you will need to carry your own list of things like first aid etc., it’s also very important to carry things which can help your dog along the way. Include disinfectant, tweezers and socks to cover your dogs paw in rough terrains. 
Listed are few other things which can be included in your packing list as well :

  • Raincoat for your Dog
  • Hiking shoes with a good grip
  • Collar / Harness
  • Leash
  • Food and water
  • Having all this packed in your bags will protect your dog from harsh weather and prevent sore paws on rough and rocky terrains.

You may believe that your journey to Ladakh is a soul searching experience. But to tell you the truth, once you travel to Ladakh, a part of your soul stays back there. It will haunt you forever to return to this magical heaven of mountains and rivers. The dogs of the Himalayas will always be there to give you company and guide you along the way if you feel lost anytime. A journey with your best pal to remember forever!

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