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India, officially Republic of India, with its geographical term as "Bharat", is geographically located in South Asian continent. Bharat is a democratic country and it is the second largest populous country with over 1.2 billions and it has the seventh largest land area in the world. It is bounded by three big oceans by its three sides viz., Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast. On north side of India there are Himalayan...Read more

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The long stretches of flighty snowy mountains, abundant undulation foliage and also the shiny blue water accompanies the various attention-grabbing vistas that prevails within the home of Jammu . The return clean is...Read more
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The Paradise re Earth altogether prudence, Jammu and Kashmir boasts of a natural beauty that is unique to any appendage. The north return clean of Bharat, kashmir may be a swashbuckler's goal destination. Jammu and...Read more
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Kashmir is popularly known as the paradise on earth and it offers the most beautiful and picturesque places and tourist spots in India . It is located in the northeastern corner of India with all snow-covered mountains...Read more
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Kashmir, one of the top hill stations of India , is located in northern India in the lap of the Himalayas. This beautiful place is a captivation beautiful place and is located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Do you...Read more