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Legacy Is Nestled Deep in Kerala Backwaters, Contributions to Indian Literature Sprouted Here


Kerala backwaters have achieved its fame ecumenical for its unending natural unique resplendence of landscapes and water world but these placid water worlds of Kerala has another reason to gasconade off as it gave birth to two prominent personalities whose contribution to Indian literature was immensely consequential. Thus, it was not just the comeliness of the place that touched the world's felicitation but its legacy nestled deep in the roots of the land. Kerala backwaters have a divine power to magnetize travellers and that too transpired with the moviemakers who have absorbed its scenic essence in the cameras and screened it worldwide. In search of unique scenarios, even the Bollywood moviemakers have visited Kerala. In one way or the other, backwaters are genuinely an asset to Kerala tourism with Alleppey and Kumarakom being the prominent ones. Travellers arrive Kerala to relish the backwater tourism as well as houseboat journey and thus they would pick Alluring backwater tour packages in Kerala and visits many places nearby. But, infrequently the visit to the birthplace of prominent personalities is done. It is equipollently consequential to know the life and the ways to their fame in these places. Sightseeing and houseboat cruise are excellent but the inclusion of visits that would enlighten the minds of each tourist arriving at Kerala backwater locale must be provided. Avid travellers who are the born fans of these personalities will endeavour to communicate with the tour operators and arrange a travel to the birthplaces of these famous personalities.

The two personalities who have contributed to Indian literature sprouted from the diminutive villages of Kerala backwaters are Thakazhi Sivashankara Pillai and Arundathi Roy. These designations are famous throughout the country and people still relive their works and are proximate to their heart. The fame became prominent when both these writers bagged sundry prodigious awards at national level. Let us delve deep into their lives and dig the remnants in these placid villages.

Aymanam, Its Tranquil Presence Aroused A Writer in Arundhati Roy

Almost every novel fanatic has read the famous novel, 'God of Small Things'. The author of the Booker-prize winning novel is the daughter of Kumarakom backwaters, Arundhati Roy. The novel published in 1997 won a Man Booker-prize award. It was actually a semi-autobiography and since her childhood was spent in the Aymanam village of Kottayam district, nearest to Kumarakom, the place was beautifully described in the novel. Arundhati Roy came with her mother to her maternal land, Kerala after her parents got divorced in Shillong. From then on, she spent her childhood days in Ayamanam. The description of the weather, nature, scenes of the village is clearly mentioned in the novel. Etymology in Malayalam means 'five forests', which are currently the snake groves. Vembanad Lake lies to the west part of the village with the presence of banks of River Meenachil. Two by third of its land is covered with paddy fields. Aymanam village can take pride in becoming India's first digitalised Panchayat ward and the natural beauty of the place is well connected with the backwater charm of Kumarakom. About 8 kilometres away, the Kumarakom is located and while picking a backwater tour in Kumarakom, allot time to visit Ayamanam, which is blessed with nature's bounty. Some religious sites are present to rejuvenate our mind and soul. Walk through the lanes there and realise how Arundhati Roy felt enthusiastic on writing about her place. The mention of the village in the novel is really awe-inspiring and fabulous. It explains the nature of climate, blooming of flowers, fruits like jackfruit and mangoes. The village owes a marvellous appreciation for building up the writing as well as exploring talent of the great novelist. She incorporated the lives of her parents in the novel and began a self-taught after she came at Aymanam, where her crucial early years was spent and thus in this informal and avant-garde setting she could discover her talents, passion for reading and exploration of her mind itself.

Thakazhi, the Village Known by the Name of a Great Malayalam Novelist, Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

We know, Alleppey is known for amazing backwater tour, greenery, villages and houseboat cruises. During our lifetime, everyone in Kerala must have visited Alleppey once. Houseboat tours are the most enchanting ones showing us the realm of village world and ordinary lifestyle. Inspecting the lives of rural folks in these small villages in Alleppey can teach us many things in life. The attractive Houseboat packages in Alleppey along with village visit can enable you to explore the destination in full. One such village that has nurtured the talents of a great novelist has taken its remuneration by being famous with the name of the novelist. Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai was born in the tiny hamlet of Thakazhi in 1912 about twenty-two kilometres away from Alleppey. He was a renowned Malayalam novelist who had badged Padma Bhushan and Jnanapith for his excellent works. A movie named 'Thakazhi' was filmed based on his story and that much respect is given to this novelist. Sivasankara Pillai used to write themes on labour classes of Kerala. The reason for his felicitation is given to the famous book, 'Coir' released in 1978. We can understand well that the novelist was so attached to his birthplace, Thakazhi and imparted his passion and love for the village in this book. Coir is the major industry of Alleppey and on houseboat cruise, one can find women involved in coir retting process. For them, it is their livelihood. Apart from coir, another appreciation work was the novel 'Chemmeen' which was dubbed as a film, bagging national awards. Thakazhi is actually an agricultural village with on other industries. On your backwater tour, arrange a visit to Thakazhi and understand its legacy. Once this village was a centre of Buddhism under the Chempakassery kingdom. The museum located in Thakazhi will give necessary information about the same and Smritimandapam is a museum cum memorial hall built in memory of Thakazhi Sivashankara Pillai. Being close to the paddy fields of Kuttanad, the picturesque beauty of the village is assured. The novelist got immense experience and observed the lives of the labours involved in agriculture, fishing and coir retting, which he had incorporated in his writings.

One thing is sure; these villages had a major part in transforming these talents into renowned novelists. The village life in Kerala backwaters is really a storehouse of knowledge that cannot be obtained in any schooling. Both of these novelists had enjoyed a joyful life in their childhood and thus expanded their vision and thinking. The result of which is seen as their renowned achievements.

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