Ladakh – A beautiful destination for a pre-wedding shoot


Ladakh is one of the most sought after destinations for couples who wish to have a dreamy pre wedding shoot before tying the knot. The pictures clicked here with a stunning backdrop will be an adventure and memory to hold on to your entire life!
Ladakh, also known as ‘Little Tibet’, shares a boundary with Tibet and is also home to a good number of Tibetan Buddhists. The excitement starts right from the time the thought of going for a Leh Ladakh road trip crosses the mind. Unarguably, it is one of the best decisions to do a pre wedding shoot there that will etch beautiful memories for a lifetime.
Although the Leh Ladakh pre wedding shoot will surely exceed all your expectations, it is very important to plan well for this occasion. Ladakh is a high-altitude region consisting of mostly barren land and very scarce habitat. The high altitude means low atmospheric pressure and low oxygen levels too. It's important to do proper planning which will ensure that you are ready for the surprises that climatic conditions and the journey itself has in store for the road trip. Let us look at some important aspects that you should know and keep in mind while planning the Leh Ladakh road trip.
When to go?
Owing to the extreme cold, the best time to visit Ladakh for a pleasant road trip is during summers between June and September. Most Leh Ladakh tour packages are organized during this period. The roads leading to Ladakh are either closed or risky to travel through most other months of the year. If you yearn for some adventure in your journey, you may plan the trip in these other months. 
How to prevent AMS?
Acclimatization is the key to preventing AMS. Make sure to keep at least 1 or 2 days for acclimatization on arriving at Leh before beginning your Ladakh road trip. It will take time to adjust with the low atmospheric pressure and cold. Avoid stepping out into the open immediately to avoid getting hit by AMS which have symptoms such as headache, nausea or restlessness. 
How many days and itinerary?
Most popular Leh Ladakh tour packages offer an itinerary ranging from 3 days to 15 days. However, it is recommended that you plan this trip for a minimum of 7 days for the itinerary of your Leh Ladakh road trip including a day at Leh for acclimatization. Have a look at an overview of the most popular and easy itinerary that you can go with;
Ladakh and its connectivity:
You can either reach Leh Ladakh by air or by road. Ladakh is surrounded by the world’s highest mountain
ranges and cold desert in the northeast region of India. You can also travel to Jammu and Kashmir by train and get to Leh by road from Srinagar or Jammu. This heaven of mountains is connected by road through the Manali – Leh highway and Srinagar Leh highway. You can also reach here by taking a direct flight to Leh from Jammu, Srinagar, or Delhi.
The Leh Ladakh roads are open from the month of June to November. The Leh- Manali Highway is one
of the most famous among bikers as the ride is very challenging, offering some
spectacular sights of the Himalayan range.
Here's a snapshot brief on both these routes for your journey to Ladakh on the road.
Route 1: Srinagar - Leh

Srinagar – Sonmarg – Zodjila Pass – Drass – Kargil – Mulbek – Leh Ladakh
Route 2: Manali - Leh 
Manali - Rohtang Pass - Lahaul Valley - Jispa - Baralacha La Pass - Sarchu - 21 Gata Loops - Leh
The most beautiful places to do a pre-wedding shoot in Ladakh.
Nubra Valley: The tranquillity of Ladakh lies in Nubra. Set amidst the famous pass Shangri La and dividing the Karakoram ranges from Ladakh range, the Nubra valley is majorly famous for the sand dunes and the camel rides. The pictures clicked here during sunset will carve in a niche on your hearts forever.

Pangong Tso: Pangong Tso or Pangong lake is iconic due to the famous Bollywood scenes shot across there. The migratory birds and the colour changing, soothing water must be an important reason you feel very close to divinity here. The mesmerizing changing colors of the lake is a perfect backdrop for all your couple pics.

Khardung La: The highest motorable road in the world. Although this is the most zealous ride as you can feel the thrill and thunder of being at the pinnacle of excitement as well as there are various issues like low temperature, sudden climate change, inappropriate health, etc. Hence, it is advised that to fully enjoy and experience the fun, take your health seriously. Painted in beautiful colors of brown, white, golden and green, this place will surpass all your expectations of getting clicked at the mountains.
Magnetic Hill: It had been fabulous of an experience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a trick of science or a natural phenomenon, but this has been an awe-inspiring experience coming across this pace. It is said to be the only anti-gravitational spot of India and vehicles go in the opposite directions when followed the instructions written on board there. The anti-gravitational visuals here are truly magical to capture with your bae.
Shanti Stupa : The Stupa looks beautiful during the golden hour and can provide the best views illuminated by glittering lights during the night. Make your trip memorable by planning your wedding shoot in this magical land of Ladakh. Apart from the stunning snow-capped mountains, beautiful valleys, and architectural monasteries, you can explore the beauty of this paradise by mountain climbing.
Zanskar Valley: The unexplored landscapes loved for their serenity and adaptable climate calls for a lovely pre-wedding shoot. During the coldest of days, as the Zanskar river freezes, the Chadar Trek expedition becomes a hot-talk of the town and everyone is interested in being a part of the world’s most famous and challenging trek. 
Some of the facts that should be taken care of while planning a trip are: 

  • To ensure you have all the required documents and their sufficient copies to take permissions and easy access.
  • To carry a proper medical kit along with yourselves.
  • To have enough warm clothes
  • To keep a prepaid sim handy as there are all sorts of networks and permission protocols to follow. 
  • To acclimatize yourself according to climate and weather beforehand
  • To plan out the staying options prior to the visit, since there is a scarcity of hotels on the road.

Things to pack for the Ladakh Trip :
Ladakh is situated at a higher altitude where cold is extreme, and temperatures are the lowest. As soon as you cross the Manali - Leh highway or Srinagar - Leh highway, you will experience a tremendous change in the climatic conditions and temperatures. It is pleasantly warm and sunny during the day; however, the evenings are the time when people prefer to stay indoors.
Here is the basic list of things to pack while preparing for your Leh Ladakh Trip. Do keep yourself cozy and warm enough while you are on your Ladakh Trip. Also, everyone's requirement is different from the other so the right type of woolen clothes and perfect shoes can keep you going.

  • 2-3 pair of thermals
  • Waterproof shoes for trekking or biking
  • Chocolates, Biscuits and Dry Fruits
  • Phones, Chargers, Camera Kit
  • Jackets or Pullovers and Sweaters
  • Woolen Hand Gloves, socks, light trousers or t-shirts
  • ID Cards, Medical Insurance and Maps of Ladakh
  • Toiletries, towels, general medicines, bandages, etc.


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