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Kashmir Holiday Packages


Along with its extensive history and turbulent political past, Kashmir is a state equally rich in natural and cultural splendour. This state offers tourists one-of-a-kind experiences such as spicy local cuisine paired with a variety of teas, long walks or a jarring trekking experience on the many mountains in the area, admiring the cosiness houseboats on the lakes of Srinagar, and visiting the numerous pilgrimage sites, temples, and religious and spiritual centres that are present throughout the state.If you enjoy bringing home mementos from your travels, you may purchase the exquisite Pashmina silks, carpets, and other textiles made by Kashmir's local artisans. These are just a few of the unusual encounters you could have all in one place! With our Kashmir Holiday packages, travelling will be more about discovering the city's hidden gems, getting to know the inhabitants' customs and culture, and experiencing local life firsthand. According to these criteria, Kashmir does have a lot to offer vacationers! Check out our top Kashmir trip packages. Acme Kashmir Travels

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