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A Camel Safari is a Holiday under the sky


India is called a sub continent and that is the best way to describe this country . India has jungles and wildlife, India has the sea and the mountains  , it also has rivers ,waterfalls and swamps and it also has the deserts.

The world famous Thar desert lies in Rajasthan,( India). It is also the border between India and Pakistan .

Vox Vacation  brings to you two special packages Rajasthan camel safari tour package which take you  on a tour to the deserts and Jaisalmer desert safari package.What better way to visit the deserts than on a Camel Safari.

You can make a  choice of the kind of sand dune you would like to visit the Sam Sand Dune is more popular and hence most visited while the Khuri Village sand dunes are less populated.These are near Jaisalmer and you should opt for the  Jaisalmer desert safari package. If you are particular about visiting the Jaisalmer area only.

The other ones are  near Bikaner , Osian , Jodhpur and Pushkar and the Rajasthan tour packages for couple takes you on these it may also include Jaiselmer..

A Camel Safari  is a unique and also off beat style of spending a holiday .You travel on Camel Back , and you get to sleep under the stars while your dinner is cooked on an open fire under the sky.

While on a Camel Safari you literally have the earth as your floor and the sky as your roof . You get to see the sunset and you get up with sunrise.

The cost of a camel safari varies according to the comforts you opt for . There are safaris which provide you with bed and camping material and also kind of domestic helps to cook your food , and see to your other comforts . These cost more compared to the safaris where you cook your own food on a camp fire or barbeque and where you make your own bed and wash your own plates. The second one is more thrilling as a diversion from the regular life of comfort inside your homes.

The best time to go on one of these safaris is September to March because after March summer sts in making the deserts hot and then the monsoon follows when open air camping is not possible because though it does not rain much in this area  but still rains and dust storms come unannounced.

Some essentials to be carried on a safari are mosquito repellents, water bags ,sunscreen lotions, sunglasses , and warm clothing ( even in summer because desert nights are as cold as the days are warm)Another important item is toilet paper and some padded seat to make your trips more comfortable . These things are provided but still it would be better if you could have some extra supplies to suit your needs.

Vox Vacation offers you this unique holiday  please  come and join us you will love this experience.

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