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Hong Kong

The capital city of Hong Kong is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the magnificent cities in the world. The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English. Hong Kong is the Asia’s best shopping destination and it is one of the world’s expensive cities. Millions of visitors come to visit Hong Kong every year. It has the best metro system and airports in the world. A visit to Hong Kong can give visitors views of wide–ranging lands, alluring architecture, pleasing sea, wonderful beaches, traditional fishing villages and adventure activities. The period from October to the end of the December is the best time to visit Hong Kong. Here we pick top 10 tourist places in Hong Kong. They are Ocean Park, Big Buddha, Tai o Fishing Village, Temple Street Night Market, Dai Pai Dongs, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Dragon's Back Hike, Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong Tour Attractions:

  1. Ocean Park:

Ocean Park is the best sightseeing place in Hong Kong. Here visitors can go through all the thrilling experiences in a day. Ocean Park boasts of the largest aquarium dome in the world.Visitors can watch 400 species of sea animals in the aquarium and also they get a chance to touch sea cucumbers and sea stars. It also offers special programs and fun rides including Raging River, Mine Train and Space Wheel.

Address:  Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

  1. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue):

Tian Tan Buddha is one of the tourist attraction places in Hong Kong. This statue is 34 meter high and sits atop on Po Lin monastery at Lantau Island. This statue was built in 1993. It took 12 years to complete and it is the largest free-standing statue of its kind in the world.

Hong Kong

  1. Tai O Fishing Village:

Tai O is a village where people live a quieter and traditional way of life. The Tanka people build their homes on poles over tidal flats and are a community of fisher folk. After visiting the village, you can also go through the local markets and also watch pink dolphins under extinction in the nearby waters.

Hong Kong

  1. Temple Street Night Market:

Another must visit place is Temple street Night Market in Kowloon. This is the place for buying goods and foods. Here vendors sell everything from clothes, jade jewelry, and electronics to traditional Chinese crafts. If you need break from shopping, you can sit with clairvoyant or you can hear traditional Cantonese opera sung from non-professional to professional performers outside the Tin Hua temple .

Address: Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong.

  1. Dai Pai Dongs:

Dai Pai Dongs are street side food stalls. This is the perfect place to eat quick and tasty dinner or fill up stomach with delicious noodles, rice dishes and seafood.

  1. Dragon's Back Hike:

Dragon’s back hike offers picturesque views out over the ocean, Mount Collinson, Big Wave Bay, Shek O and Stanley. The hike is easy but you should start at To Tei Wan bus stop. From here, the walk takes you up to Big Wave Bay. At this location you can grab a mini bus or taxi to Shek O. To Tei Wan and Shek O have tremendous swimming pools, with pleasant beaches. Shek O also offers restaurants.

  1. Avenue Of Stars:

Avenue of Stars is a compulsory visiting attractive place in Hong Kong.In 2004 the promenade was opened along the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a promenade where the city pays homage to some of Hong Kong’s best known film stars such as Bruce Lee, a great fighter of martial arts. It is also a popular place for jogging, walking and hanging out.

Address: Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui:

Tsim Sha Tsui is the premier culture center in the country. Tsim Sha Tsuai offers entertainment and shopping hub in Kowloon. You will find prominent restaurants, boutiques and other unique vendors in Nathan Road.

​Address: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

  1. Wong Tai Sin Temple:

Wong Tai Sin Temple was built in 1920. Later it was rebuilt in 1968. Locals built temple for Taoist God Wong Tai Sin for bringing good luck in horse races and healing illnesses. The temple complex is made up of several worthseeing places including the good Wish garden, the Hall of Three Saints and other hall for his 72 disciples. You also find fortune-tellers in the large hall. For the maintenance of temple, visitors leave small donations of coins, currency notes.

Address: Chuk Un, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

  1. Victoria Peak:

Ride the tram to the top of this scenic viewpoint to watch the bustling city, skyscrapers and surrounding Islands. Evening is the best time to visit the peak.It is one of the most attractive places in Hong Kong.

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