Bangles are most demanded jewellery


Jewellery is the first love of every woman. Whether they are married or unmarried, they are very keen on jewellery. Jewellery enhances their beauty. When paired with the perfect outfit, jewellery always helps to beautify them. Meaning of jewellery is changing as time passes. Traditional jewellery has no match. Its beauty may fall you speechless. Jewellery includes neckpiece, nose pin, earrings, rings, anklets, bangles etc. all these are made of different metals. Various metals are used to make them like, silver, gold, diamond, platinum etc. every jewellery have their own value for women.

Out of the various jewellery items available, bangles are the most preferred jewellery item by women. Bangles have a different value for women of every religion, cast etc.  It carries different values for married and unmarried women. Married women wear bangles as a sign of her marriage and unmarried wear bangles as a fashion ornament. Out of the different kinds of material available, gold bangles are the most loved one among the women. Gold has its own status and value in a women’s life. Gold bangles represent their personality and status. So, gold bangles are liked by women.

Bangles are worn by women in routine use. Women wear bangles daily as these are very comfortable for daily use. So according to the daily use, simple designed, light weight bangles are required. Daily use bangles should be a simple one so that it does not hesitate you for the whole day. Light weight bangles come within the budget and comfortable for whole day use. Simple bangles come in different designs. For instance-

Daily wear gold bangles designs-

Daily wear gold bangles should be simply designed so that they do not irritate the wearer. Following a different kind of bangles can be found-

  • Plain thick rounded gold bangles – these bangles are thick and round shaped. These bangles do not have the design but give a classy look. Only a single bangle can make your wrist fashionable.
  • Plain thin rounded gold bangles- these bangles are thin and round shaped. Four bangles of this kind will look on a women’s wrist.
  • Flourish print- bangles with flourish print looks beautiful. They give a heavy look to the bangles.
  • Machine made bangles
  • Laser print bangles


All these bangle’s designs are awesome. They all come in lightweight. 8 gram gold bangles will be best according to daily use and your budget too. You may get confused that from where you will be able to find these bangles. And the answer is here-

Melorra provides you with the best designs according to daily use. It is an online store. Its latest design collection is adorable. All the bangles set are in lightweight. Melorra is trending worldwide for its unique designs. Best quality bangles will be found here only. BIS hallmark jewellery is sold by them which gives guarantee of the original product. You will find 8-gram gold bangles’ best designs here.

When you will visit its website, you may get confused about the choice among the various beautiful designs. Your wrist will look classy if it wears Melorra  bangles.

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