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How do I become a vat consultant in UAE?


There are many registered VAT consultants in UAE. The consultants come with a valid certificate on the qualifications, assessments & eligibility tests which provide the authenticity for becoming a renowned VAT consultant in Dubai.  VAT consultants need to be approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to be recognized as the VAT consultant.

The motive behind this approval from FTA is to provide the country with the best VAT consultant. According to Landmark Federal Law Number 7 of 2017, a registered person who is appointed by another, one to assist the latter in the completion of tax obligation & exercising the associated Tax right is considered as Vat consultant.

There are certain forms set down by FTA which need to be fulfilled before being registered as the VAT consultant in Dubai. These norms go with Article 14, Part 2, and chapter 3 of the law. Following are the requirements which need to be fulfilled by an individual.

  • An individual must have 3 years of experience in the practical field of taxation, accounting, & law.
  • An applicant must be proficient in English & Arabic languages.
  • An individual must have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Tax, accounting or law. The certificates for these degrees must be from the affiliated & recognized educational institution.
  • An individual must crack FTA tests.
  • An applicant must be physically & mentally fit & active to accomplish the provided task on time.
  • The person must have professional indemnity insurance.
  • The person must excellent record in terms of conduct 
  • The individual must be free from any sort of criminal records.​

Many VAT consultants offer Bookkeeping services in Dubai. Bookkeeping is nothing but the maintenance of records of all the financial statements daily.

FTA takes around 15 working days to decide on whether the application of the would-be VAT consultant is viable for approval or not. The application passes through a detailed process of scrutinization before stamping for approval.

If any Vat consultant stops practicing for any temporary situation, the concerned person must convey the viable reason behind the temporary suspension along with the possibility of resuming work. VAT Consultants help their clients in Dubai to stay updated by placing their returns on time.

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