Why flying to Ladakh is safer than road trips?


Ladakh is the most beautiful travel destination in the world. With gorgeous lakes, snow-capped mountains, majestic views, sheer cliffs, long roads, magnetic landscapes, and an atmosphere of peace and harmony, this place fills your heart with purity and happiness. 
Your trip to Ladakh is surely going to be blissful and happy with so many places to visit and admire. You have everything in your lap that you are looking for to enjoy the endless thrills and worldly charm. This beautiful place in India attracts major adventure seekers from across the world who come and visit at least once in a year. However, before embarking on the journey, it's important know the most convenient way to travel and important things to be considered so that you don't face major trouble in the journey.
Here are few of the most interesting facts you should know if you are planning to travel Ladakh by flight. 

Condition of roads is not good in winters.

Ladakh is good to visit from the months of June to September. However there are many tourists who are willing to travel to this land of captivating landscape during off seasons too. Due to heavy snowfall, all the roads in Ladakh are closed for almost six months of the year. The highway opens only in the month of May after the winter season is getting over and summers are about to begin. This is the time when the snow starts melting and the roads are clearer to travel. 
By the end of September, winter sets in and by October there is heavy snowfall. The only way to reach Leh during this period is to Fly to Leh from Delhi to Chandigarh. 

It saves time as you can reach faster :
The most conventional mode of transport preferred by many travelers is to Travel to Leh via Manali or Srinagar. This takes a lot of travel time along with other issues like acclimatization, accommodation for stop overs in between, landslides, road blocks etc. A road trip to reach Leh can easily add two to three days more in your travel package. Apart from that you may also need a day or two to get your acclimatize on reaching Leh. 
Reaching Leh by a flight from Delhi only takes a couple of hours and allows you to spend more time at your favorite location. You will be in a lap of Himalayan on the same day of travel but yes do make sure to carry all the important and necessary things in your travel kit. The temperatures will drop at a rapid speed from 25 degree Celsius to – 10 degree Celsius which is a lot of difference so make sure you are well prepared in advance. 

Allows you to spend more time in Ladakh :

The travel time taken during a road trip can be saved when you decide to take a flight. Apart from that you can add those saved days in your itinenary and visit all those places which are there in you bucket list since a long time. 

You shall need to rest for a day or two to get yourself acclimatize but after that you are good to go to all your favorite locations like Nubra Valley , Pangong Lake and Khardung La Pass. This arrangement makes you enjoy Ladakh and its beauty even more. You never know when will go be lost and where!

Safer and better option than a road trip
Traveling to Ladakh by flight can help in many ways. One of them being AMS and acclimatization. Other than the road from Srinagar, a flight taken to Leh is a much better option than to travel via the Manali – Leh route. 
The long journey from Jispa to Leh can make you sick ad a victim of AMS. The road journey at almost 14000 feet may not be advisable or preferable to many who are not comfortable for long hours of drive. There may be casualties and the condition of the road is never predictable. 
No Tension of renting a Bike 

As you know that the bikes rented outside of Ladakh are not allowed for sightseeing in Ladakh, the journey by flight will save you this trouble.

You can reach Leh by flight and rent your choice of gear to visit Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake. This will save your cost of renting the bike from Manali or Srinagar while travelling to Leh. Additional you can also enjoy the adventure of a bike ride after reaching Ladakh. 
Beautiful landscapes :
Although a road trip invites you to wonderful and captivating landscapes, the most breathtaking view of Ladakh can be captured from the flight.
The breathtaking aerial view will leave you awestruck with heavenly colors like brown, blue, and pink and green. The brown mountains, crystal clear lakes and marvelous sky all from the top will be a view to capture and hold in your memory forever. 

Things to pack for the Ladakh Trip :
Ladakh is situated at a higher altitude where cold is extreme, and temperatures are the lowest. As soon as you cross the Manali - Leh highway or Srinagar - Leh highway, you will experience a tremendous change in the climatic conditions and temperatures. It is pleasantly warm and sunny during the day; however, the evenings are the time when people prefer to stay indoors.
Here is the basic list of things to pack while preparing for your Leh Ladakh Trip. Do keep yourself cozy and warm enough while you are on your Ladakh Trip. Also, everyone's requirement is different from the other so the right type of woolen clothes and perfect shoes can keep you going.

  • 2-3 pair of thermals
  • Waterproof shoes for trekking or biking
  • Chocolates, Biscuits and Dry Fruits
  • Phones, Chargers, Camera Kit
  • Jackets or Pullovers and Sweaters
  • Woolen Hand Gloves, socks, light trousers or t-shirts
  • ID Cards, Medical Insurance and Maps of Ladakh
  • Toiletries, towels, general medicines, bandages, etc.

Some more points to remember are as follows :
Start working on your physical fitness a month before the trip. Build up good stamina
To cope up with the low oxygen levels at high-altitude. 
Acclimatize and rest on your way to reduce the chances of getting hit by AMS.
Stay hydrated through the journey and drink lots of fluids. 
Keep your head and ears covered with something warm to protect from cold weather.
Take doctor's advice, especially if you are suffering from asthma, heart problems, or high blood pressure before planning a trip to Leh Ladakh.
Refrain from too much physical exertion as low oxygen levels can lead to breathlessness.
Carry general medicines to treat altitude sickness, fever, cough, and cold or any injuries.
Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking at high altitudes to prevent AMS.

Yes the travel to Ladakh by flight can be expensive to your pockets, but if you consider all the points mentioned above like travel time, saving on accommodation and food cost, bike rentals etc. than it’s becomes easy to decide. The time save and the comfort of travel can easily make up for the additional cost. This adventure to travel Leh Ladakh by air is definitely worth a try!

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