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Top 10 scary places in Singapore

old changi hospital

Are you planning a vacation to Singapore, which is known as a gorgeous vacation destination? If yes, then you might have heard a lot about the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, the serene Sentosa Islands, the colourful Land of the Merlion and so on but are you bored by all this glossy and beautiful stuff?

Are you a horror lover? Are you someone who has the courage and guts to explore the spooky places? If yes, then while in Singapore you would not want to miss the golden opportunity of exploring these 10 death-defying best-haunted places in Singapore. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your courage, dare to scroll down and read about the places visiting which would make you a conquer your guts.


  1. German Girl Shrine

Erected around in the 1970s, it is a small shrine of a girl who escaped and was found dead few days later around the time of first world war when the British troops had detained a German family.

There is a small female doll kept at the altar symbolizing the girl, and there are even makeup items saved there. Many people come and make an offering at the place for the sake of fortune. It is opened all time throughout the day.

Location: Lalang Grass of Pulau Ubin

2. Old Changi Hospital

Ever imagined if a hospital can be a spooky place? If not, then this world war hospital in Singapore is going to be the biggest shock for you. Constructed as a means to support the British soldiers but the hospital was later used by the Japanese troops as an accommodation to house the prisoners of wars. Since that time, there have been several instances where the people could still hear the screams and moans of the prisoners of that time. The Old Changi Hospital is all day open.

Location: Changi Singapore, Singapore

3. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel is considered as one of the scariest abandoned places in Singapore 2019 due to its strange vibes and weird activities. Many people, as well as photographers who have visited the site, have reported having witnessed some unusual experiences.

Though the lessons here are not deadly or violent, still they are enough to scary to scar you for life. So, if you are a faint-hearted person, then it is not meant for you to visit singapore tour packages from delhi.

Location: 40 – 60 Tanglin Hill, Singapore

4. The Yellow Tower

Being a part of the famous East Coast Park, which is a frequent place in Singapore, many people jog around this yellow tower, but not many know about the tragic story behind it. According to the Legend, many years back it was precisely at this Amber Beacon Tower that a poor lady was brutally gang-raped by a group of thugs and was then brutally stabbed to death while her boyfriend was knocked unconscious outside. The criminals were never caught, and it was since then that some people found sightings of a female figure while others heard screams of help near the tower.

Location: East Coast Park, Singapore

5. Pasir Ris Tower

There is a famous legend associated with the tower which says that a boy who could see spirits saw someone at the top of the tower and when he climbed to the top, he was pushed down by someone or something. Since then, the tower is infamously, also known as the suicide tower. People have experienced strange vibes near the tower.

Location: Chinese Cemetery Path 17, Singapore

6. Tekong

One of the most famous haunted places out there in Singapore, Tekong has a bunch of scary and eerie tales associated with it. The location has also been shot in movies a lot of times. The legend says that one of the recruits had his intestines spilled out next to him here and it is believed that he still roams around the place.

Location: Tekong Island, Singapore

7. Changi Old Beach House

Being listed as one of the haunted places of Singapore, it is not a decent option for staying in the city if you are a faint-hearted person. Changi Old Beach House was the place where the conspicuous Sook Ching Massacre took place, and since then it is quite common to witness blood stains and hear wailing sounds here. Many visitors have even reported of violence while others also left the place with scars.

Location: Changi Singapore, Singapore

8. Bukit Brown

Bukit Brown is located in a biodiversity park and is believed to be a haunted cemetery. It was after the government made attempts to modify the place for the better that the spirits there got disturbed.

Since then, it is quite common to see visions or hearing moaning sounds from here. There have even been incidents of ghosts visiting their descendants in dreams as well.

Location: 36 C Low Halwa, Singapore

9. Haw Par Villa 

The Haw Par Villa actually mimics the Chinese ten courts of hell from mythologies, and it is quite strongly believed that the villa is really one of the doors of hell. People say that the statues here are very much real humans who are covered with wax. The guards have also reported hearing painful screams from the area during the night time. Many strong-willed people even try to avoid this place.

Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore

10. Choa Chu Kang Cemetery 

It is a cemetery similar to others in appearance but just more terrible in terms of horror. People have reported sightings of female figures trying to enter their vehicles. Some taxi drivers have even claimed that they carried several passengers to the cemetery who just vanished before their eyes. This place is really spooky.

Location: Chinese Cemetery Path 17, Singapore

Have you got goosebumps of excitement and spookiness just by reading all these places? If yes, then book one of the Singapore holiday packages with airfare from India soon!

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