Road trip destinations after lockdown


Lockdown has disrupted your travel plans in summers? Worry not, even though you cannot travel right now, you can definitely make a bucket list of places you wish to go road tripping post lockdown. 

India is a land of diverse cultures, languages, and terrains. From snow-covered mountains to tropical lands every place has its own history. Travel is the best way to taste the richness of India and to know the place and people better. Therefore, travel within India and from International destinations to India has become a popular affair. To satisfy the travel desire of every individual or group with different requirements and budget constraints, tourism companies are offering some great travel packages. There are custom designed packages keeping in mind the needs, budget and availability of the customers. Let’s have a look at some of the best travel plans in India to embark on post lockdown.


Leh Ladakh: Covered with the breathtaking view of the Great Himalayas, Leh Ladakh is among the favorite tourist places in India. Right from the geography, sceneries and the culture, everything about Ladakh is magical. Here, people are usually attracted to the weather, a completely different and simple lifestyle of the people. The area is very lightly populated due to which the air feels a lot cleaner as compared to a majority of places in India. Leh Ladakh is a dream destination these days among the youngsters who love to take a road trip on bikes and jeeps with their friends. A Leh Ladakh bike trip should definitely be on your cards after the lockdown. Different Leh Ladakh packages are available for this place and even custom made packages can be designed by getting in contact with the travel agencies. On average, a package to Leh Ladakh may cost 30,0000 INR per individual.


Kerala : Kerala is another best travel destination in India. A lot of business in Kerala’s population is dependent on tourism. Kerala shares almost 600km long coastline with the Arabian Sea which contributes to the places’ beauty even more. Famous for plain lined beaches, backwaters, and a network of canals make it an ideal honeymoon destination within India. You can easily get a customized quote from travel agencies to Kerala due to its huge popularity among the public. An ideal tour to Kerala starts somewhere around 14,000 INR per person. 


Goa : Situated on the southwestern coast of India, Goa lies between Konkan and the Western ghats. Goa also shares a border with the beautiful Arabian Sea which makes it an ideal travel spot for all the beach lovers. Goa is a perfect vacation place for families, couples and friends. Individuals of every age group can enjoy a great time in Goa. It also attracts a lot of international crowds due to its beautiful beach offerings. Also, unlike many other places in India, Goa is open for tourism purposes throughout the year. On average, a Goa trip for an individual may cost around 12,000 INR.


Kashmir : Kashmir is termed as the heaven on Earth due to its extravagant landscapes. From historic places, political past, great native food, and Hindu Muslim harmony, this place has a lot to offer. Other attractions of Kashmir are beautiful tea gardens, exceptional trekking experiences, cozy houseboats, pilgrimage spots and a lot more. Kashmir offers tourism in all the 4 seasons, but July to November is the summer time in most of the parts of the country is the best time to visit the place. Packages start from 10,500 INR per person and can extend to large numbers based on how luxurious you want.


Gangtok : North East region of India often termed as Seven Sisters is one of the most beautiful regions in the country for nature and adventure lovers. Gangtok is very popular among the region due to its dense forests, delightful climate, and magnificent natural views. You may be a lonely backpacker, a family, a couple or a group of friends, but Gangtok is an absolute travel site for each one of you. Located in the lower Himalayas, Gangtok plays a major role in Sikkim tourism. Gangtok is the best idea to satisfy the thirst of all nature lovers. The packages usually start around 25,000 INR per person. 


Himachal Pradesh : The state of Himachal Pradesh has a number of beautiful hill stations due to which it is the most famous and most visited places in India. The gorgeous countryside, lush green mountains, rich flora, and fauna, simple living of people speak a lot about the place. Pilgrimage spots and temples in Kangra call out all the devotees, monasteries in Dharamshala invite people inclined towards spirituality and Kullu Manali is for adventure lovers. All in all, it is a place for people of different interests. It is majorly known for trekking and skiing in the beautiful mountain range. Himachal Pradesh lies in the northern belt of India and therefore, it is easily accessible to people residing in North by road. For people from parts of India also, the packages are available at very economic rates.


Andaman : The Andamans are a group of 300 Islands which lie in the Bay of Bengal. These are known for white sand beaches, mangroves, and tropical rainforests. Some must visit places here are Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Neil’s Cove, Diglipur, and Port Blair. You can travel to Andaman by both air and sea routes. Andaman tourism proposes honeymoon packages, family packages, and adventure packages. For all the divers and sea lovers, activities like diving, snorkeling, scuba diving are available along with trained professionals. 


Rajasthan : Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of area. This place has a grand historic presence. The main cities of Rajasthan Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer are the most desired tourist places for Indian and International travelers. Magnificent forts, vast deserts, spicy native food, traditional folk dance, folk clothes and everything about this place is royal. The lifestyle of the people speaks about ultimate royalty. 


India is the land of many cultures, religions, and languages. People here are always keen to know more about other states, their people and their lifestyle. Travel is one of the best ways to enhance cultural knowledge. Not only that, but traveling also helps to get a break from the routine life and get a different perspective of the things which otherwise is not easy. From Kashmir to Kerala, every place has its own history associated with it which makes it even more interesting. India is a country that observes all the seasons, therefore every place has it’s the best time to visit according to its geographic conditions. This also means, for all the travel lovers there is always an option available to travel. Tourism in India has become a huge business in recent years and many travel agencies, portals, and state tourism agencies provide varied packages for Indian as well as international tourists. You have the provision to get personalized packages according to the place of your choice, the facilities you want to avail for, your budget and your available time slot. 

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