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Perfect Picnic Tips Advices for Summer Winter Atom Monsoon seasons


Picnic is an event to enjoy a lot outdoors. Picnics are the best way to enjoy the simple pleasure of life and spend fun time with family and relatives. We can take picnic food from home. You can invite relatives for picnics and to give information about location and which items to carry and when to arrive at picnic spot. Picnics are certainly the best to spend weekends rejoicingly. We can take snaps at good looking places. We can play many games at picnic spots and eat together with different delicious dishes. Spending time fruitfully at picnic spots with like-minded relatives/friends gives relief to our minds from daily tedious  monotonous  life.

What Seasons Are Best To Go For Picnic?

During rainy seasons, we may get rankled by rains so summer and winter seasons are the best for going on picnics. Summers are good for playing games, staying with family to get more relief and get stress free. In winter season picnic brings excitement by hobnobbing around bonfire. Due to cold weather of winter, we may have to carry woolen sweaters, woolen blankets, sufficient quantities of drinking water, fresh milk, tea/coffee powder, sugar, firewood, match boxes, utensils etc. If anyone in your picnic group is interested in music, do not forget to bring music systems, musical instruments like drums/congoes, mouth organs etc., to spend more time at picnic spots. But be cautious-- monsoon seasonal diseases may impact the health of children. 

How To Select Best Picnics Spot At Beaches?

Beach Spot picnics are amusing for us in summer seasons; you can enjoy at beach such activities as swimming, boating. You can also play games on seashore. You wear suitable clothes for swimming. Wear sunglasses and shoes. You must take umbrella and tent because it may get very hot at beaches during summer.

Best Places To Go For Picnic:

You can choose open and greenery places besides lakes, parks, farmhouses, beaches, rooftops and more. These types of places are pleasurable for you.

How To Know More About Picnic Places?

Check the  details  of selected and going picnic place about car parking, opening times and closing times of place, how much time you can spend there, which foods are available at picnic location, which type of cuisine is available, if any, possibilities of  cultural activities conducted there. Find out whether picnic locations are free for playing games for children, any playing courts are available, and any shopping malls are available at picnic places, and the details of entry fees at the places. Obtain information as to how to reach there by car, by public transportation or by other modes of travel.

What Should We Carry For Perfect Picnics?

You can pack all things for picnics

  • Kitchen things(paper plates and cups, Knife, Cutting board, Reusable utensils, bowls containers, forks, spoons, Trash bags, hamper, Folding chairs, tables, water bottles napkins , paper napkins, blanket )
  • Cool drinks
  • Ice creams
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Playing cards  and some playing things
  • Homemade refreshments or fast food items kept in airtight casseroles

Games To Be Played  At Picnic Places:

We may utilize the time there like getting involved in playing with cards, singing competition, dance programs, carroms, chess, Hide and seek, fly a kite, boating and the like.

What Are The Benefits If We Go On Picnics?

We can develop relationship with your friends and family;  we can also get interactive with new persons. You can get fresh air from open places, vitamin D from sunlight which improves bones strength and get relaxation to mind. You can play different games with your friends and family to reduce mental stress and keep your body active.  Going on  picnic is low expensive and gives more fun.  


Important Things / Picnics Safety Tips:

If you go in summer season, wear sun glasses, suitable clothes, hats and shoes/light  footwear.                        

  • If you go in cold winter you wear shoes, gloves and jerkins.
  • If you go to beach spots, use umbrella and tent.
  • Carry a camera fitted with a lens of your choice.
  • Drink plenty of water at summer, eat plenty of fresh fruits.
  • Clean your hands and utensils. 
  • You should carry first aid box. 

Benefits Of Going On Picnic:

Picnics give relaxation to mind and improve bonding relationships with family and friends. You can eat together with friends and family outdoors. You can participate in physical activities to keep your body agile and unload mental stress.

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