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Manali Tour Packages

Manali Tour Packages

Manali Tour Packages  are the best answer for the following question.

Where would you go if you were asked to find both life and solitude together in one place?

We wouldn’t know about you but as far as we are concerned, it has to be Manali. Peacefully nestled in the
mountains of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is the ultimate resort town of India.  Visit Manali
everytime If you want to get away from a monotonous hectic schedule. we would very much advise the
tourists to choose, if possible, personal vehicles or to hire personal taxis to reach the beautiful town
of Manali. It is because from the moment the car touches the roads leading into the scenic
mountains of Himachal Pradesh, your soul & heart is filled with immense happiness.

From honeymooners looking for a romantic evening filled with scented roses & red wine to
corporate teams, wanting to find an escape from the monotony of 9 to 11, Manali Tour Packages has something
very special for each one of you.
We understand that people thrive on different passions and not everyone can be soothed simply
with a platter packed with mouth watering foods, therefore, we have customised your mornings,
evenings and nights according to your tastes & interests in life.
When in Himachal we try to set you up against the two very different elements that run the small
town of Manali. On one hand we have the vibrant markets of Mall road, spilling with fashion trends
of the latest kind, on the other we have temples like the Hadimba Devi temple, which stands out to
be a pillar of tranquillity amidst all the worldly chaos.
Our journey starts from New Delhi, from where you are picked up and are comfortably carried on to the beauty called Manali. The ride is comfortable and provides you a hundred reasons to keep
updating your networking sites with the picturesque imageries of the mother-nature. We reach
Manali by evening, where forth you have the entire night to yourself to rest and renew for the next
day. On the second day of the tour, after you are served a hearty breakfast loaded with good taste
and nutrition, you are taken off to a Half day Local sightseeing covering Hadimba Devi temple,
Vashish Kund, Club House, Buddhist monastery.

If you are a lover of history, old Manali will serve as a medicine to you. You have hundred reasons to be at Manali. One of them is the hotels. No matter how light or heavy your purse is you will be able to find a decent hotel for
spending the nights. Manali has something for everyone and a lot for those who are patient enough to go through its forgotten lanes and look into the windows made of wood.

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