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Malshej Ghat Pune India, Tour Attractions, Hill Station

Malshej ghat

Malshej ghat is one of the very beautiful hill stations. Apart from being a tourist paradise for nature lovers, trekkers, bird watchers it has in its kitty many big and small waterfalls to amuse visitors. Its lush greenery, with clouds sailing over the mountain tops, dense fog, beautiful waterfalls all around and the breath-taking views make it a mini Eden on earth. Malshej ghat is a very beautiful mountain pass in the Western Ghats. It is a heavenly abode on earth with many beautiful, cascading waterfalls and has many trekking trails like Ajoba hill fort, Nane ghat, Jivdhan chawand fort .The lush green forests, the refreshing waterfalls all over the ghat is a fascinating sight. One can even walk through the gushing water streams that directly fall on the road.It is a perfect place for the nature lovers, adventure seekers and bird enthusiasts.

Malshej Ghat:


Malshej ghat is located on the borders of Thane and Pune districts of Maharashtra, India.

How To Reach:

Pune, Mumbai and Thane are the important cities surrounding Malshej ghat.

By bus: 

Regular bus services are available. Mumbai –Pune Highway connects the Ghats to cities. One can hire taxis. It is about 130kms from Mumbai and 120kms from Pune.

By Train: 

Kalyan which is 85 kms from Malshej is the nearest railway station.


Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and New Pune International Airport are the nearest airports.

Time To Visit: 

Monsoon time from July to September is the ideal time to visit.

Do’s And Dont’s:

  • Food has to be carried by the tourists
  • Carry perfect clothing according to the climate

Where To Stay:

Best hotels and resorts are available near Malshej ghat. Here we list some of the best hotels:

  • Saj By The Lake
  • Hotel Tukson
  • Neelam Hills Resort
  • Blue Mormon Jungle Holiday Resort
  • Tropical Retreat
  • Malshej Hotel

Places To Visit Around Malshej Ghat

  1. Harishchandragad Fort:

1424 metres above the sea level, this fort was built in 6thcentury. A beautiful Vishnu temple with a lake by its side called Saptatirtha is picturesque. On to the right of the temple is a cave called Kedareshwar cave, which gracefully embraces a Shivalingam that is five feet in height and completely surrounded by the water which is always freezing cold. There are four pillars around the lingam and a huge rock as the roof. However three pillars are partly broken and it is believed that when the fourth pillar which is the main support for the roof, breaks down the world comes to an end.  Water seeps from the walls of the temple in all seasons except the Monsoon season during which the temple is surprisingly dry.

Address: Tolar Khind, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

  1. Pimpalgaon Joga Dam:

This dam which is five kilometre long is built on the river Pushpavati, is a famous bird watching place. Many species of birds like Purple moorhen, pied crusted cuckoo, whistling thrush, Alpine swift and many other migratory birds can be sighted here. Flamingo birds from Siberia can be seen here during the months of August and September.

Address: Pimpalgaon Joge Dam located near Junnar, pune district, Maharashtra.

  1. Shivaneri Fort:

This fort is 40 kms from the Ghats. Chatrapati Shivaji the founder of Maratha kingdom was born here on 19 February 1630. He spent his childhood here. A small temple dedicated to Goddess Shiva Devi after whom Shivaji was named can still be seen here. There is a prayer hall, a tomb and a mosque. The fort covers the land scape of 1.6 kms and is built in triangular shape with many protective gates. There are two water springs called Ganga and Yamuna inside the fort which flow throughout the year.

Malshej ghat

Address: Shivneri Foot Path, Pune district, Junnar, Maharashtra.

  1. Ajoba Hill Fort:

Darkoba Peak is one of the favourite spots for adventure seekers.  Ajoba hill is one of the highest peaks and the famous trekking spots near Mumbai and Pune. Here sita Devi stayed with her sons Luv and Kush in an ashram during her exile.

Address: Dehene village, Pune, Maharashtra.

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