10,000 Year Old Hobbit Village Maymand Kerman Iran Best Tour Place

Maymand Kerman Iran

Maymand Kerman Iran is an ancient village located near Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province, Iran. Maymand is also spelt Meymand and Maimand. Maymand is a village of troglodytes. The village is filled with caves that were carved out of soft rock. Maymand village has been inhabited for 12,000 years, that is, since the middle stone ages. The discovery of stone engravings, some as old as 10,000 years and 6,000 year-old pottery reveal the long lived history of the Village. Maymand is a UNESCO world heritage site and was awarded UNESCO’s 2005 Melina Mercouri Prize.

Maymand Kerman Iran Life Style Of Residents:

People lived in the ancient Maymand village continuously for over 2,000 years. It consists of more than 2,560 rooms. Each cave is of two meters height and twenty square meters in area. Sizes of the caves are different but the larger ones can even hold up to seven rooms. Maymand village also consists Mosque, Hossienieh, school, museum and restaurant. 150 peoples are living in Maymand village.

The current 150 residents of the caves have updated their homes in modern style, the underground homes are equipped with electricity; residents use modern appliances like television and refrigerators. Ventilation and water supply are the only problems in maymand village. According to local tradition, the residents worship the sun.  The meals of residents is mainly flat bread, soup made from milk, dried herbs and yogurt. The meals supplemented by a diet of dairy products, traditional breads and nuts. Meat is eaten on special occasions only.

Languages And Economy Of Maymand Kerman Iran Village Residents:

Sassanid and Pahlavi are local ancient languages. The economy of villagers is based on agriculture, carpet weaving, animal farming, felt making, dyeing, weaving of gilims and crochet working. Carpeting is more important to the extent that maymand carpets enjoy international fame.

Climate, Vegetation And Wildlife In Maymand Kerman Iran:

Maymand is very cold in winter and very hot & dry in summer seasons. In Maymand half of people lead a semi-nomadic life. The nomads live in their caves during the winter months, moving with their herds to the cooler climbs and plains during the summer seasons. The Maymand village is also home to various animals and plants such as local pistachios, wild mulberry, hazel trees, almonds nut trees, jujube fruit trees, vineyards. Local wildlife is a mixed fauna such as lizards, snakes, deer, hedgehogs, wolves, leopards, foxes and birds.

Facilities of Tourists:

Maymand village consists of museum, restaurants, schools, public toilets and eight roomed guest house. Guesthouses have carpets on the floors, warm lighting and beds carved into the walls. Guest houses are at the entrance to the village.


From Kerman, one can avil buses or safari to reach Maymand village.

Other Ancient Villages in Iran:

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Maymand Kerman Iran

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