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Scuba Dive Tour & Dive Course in Goa


Scuba Diving at Grand Island is a mode of exploring the underwater world by using a self-sustained breathing aid. Scuba diver carries their own source of oxygen and a separate apparatus for comfortable breathing underwater. Scuba diving nowadays is mainly done for recreational purposes, but has many technical aspects also in exploring the underwater world. 

Goa tourThey offers a range of PADI certification courses, all run by international standards of expertise, equipment and safety. The warm, safe waters of the Arabian sea, and the easy dive sites make Goa an ideal destination for beginners to learn scuba diving and seasoned recreational divers enjoy the challenge and mystery of less than perfect visibility!   You will find professional Scuba diving operators throughout Goa who can help you explore the underwater magic of the Arabian sea in the safest way possible by providing training and arranging all the required Scuba gear and transport for your diving. Scuba diving courses are offered for non-swimmers and kids too in Goa.

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