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Backstroke Swimming

Learners of backstroke swimming think initially that their back stroke is not strong enough to generate desired speed. But swimming needs practice under supervision of expert trainers. You don’t worry after some days you will be good swimmer like other experienced swimmers. For improving your swimming performance in the pool, here we list down useful tips, especially for a better backstroke swimming.

Backstroke Swimming Tips:

Backstroke Swimming TIP-1:

Don’t pull your arms out too wide (45 degrees is enough) or take them back before stretching too far; imagine you’re scooping out a mixing bowl in front of your chest with your hands. If you pull your arms very wide you cannot do speedy back strokes.

Backstroke Swimming TIP-2:

Hunch your shoulders up and in as you lunge forward to reduce your drag in the water. This is one of smart swimming tips.  If you drag is high you may be exhausted in less time.

Backstroke Swimming

Backstroke Swimming TIP-3:

Think about creating a huge ‘snap’ of power at the end of your stroke as you bring your legs together and it throws you forward. Focus on this tip which will help you more.

Backstroke Swimming

Backstroke Swimming TIP-4:

Make sure your big toes touch together as you create a ‘flick’ at the end of the leg kick.

Backstroke Swimming TIP-5:

Don’t let your knees drift down at the end of the stroke. This will create unnecessary drag. Lift your ankles up toward your backside as you finish the stroke.

Backstroke Swimming TIP-6:

Holding your breath adds to feelings of anxiety and makes you more stressed. Instead, develop a new habit of exhaling into the water as this will relax you, just like breathing techniques in yoga. Start in the shallow end and practice putting your face in the water and simply hum through your mouth or nose to create a long steady stream of bubbles. Feel like you are sighing.

Backstroke Swimming

Practice every day so that you can be feeling more comfort day by day and select at least one partner for good results and competitiveness. All the best….

Backstroke Swimming


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