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Sunday exercise

Sunday Exercise - Sunday is always perceived as the day of relaxation across the entire world, barring in a few nations. It is an odd question to ask why one should engage in physical exercise on Sunday when everyone awaits eagerly to take rest physically and mentally, especially after spending all the week days of laborious discharge of duties.  One feels it as an unquestionable moral right to remain idle starting from Friday night to Monday morning, if the job allows you two days as weekend holidays.

Sunday Exercise:

Self-pity over the drudgery you had put up the entire weekdays makes you feel legitimately deserved to do whatever you want (ironically doing nothing at all) during the weekend. The importance of Sunday is all the more strikingly logical and unignorable, if Saturday too happens to be a working day.

Sunday Exercise

However, a little introspective query makes you realize that after a fully crammed period of weekdays, it is the weekend that gives you a rare opportunity of streamlining your physical fitness which can never be thought of as practicable for many people on working days. If doing physical exercises is overlooked on Sundays or weekend days also, physical workouts will permanently remain as mere conceptual ideas and never turn into a practical reality. Let us look at various possible physical work outs for people with different stamina and requirements.

Sunday exercise

Exercise Tips on Sunday:

You can go for

  • morning walks,
  • play the games that suit you or you are good at,
  • swimming sessions ( if you are not a skilled swimmer, you may learn from a proper coach),
  • workout centres / gyms to choose any particular type/s of physical workout suitable to you, as guided by the trainer etc.

Sunday Exercise

Avoid using vehicles for moving out of the house. Try to go on foot as far as possible, if the distance is not more than 5 kilometres; do not use the vehicles unless inevitably required. If there is sufficient place for indoor games in precincts of your house, invite your friends or relatives to play together along with your family members.

Sunday Exercise

Sunday exercise

For working women, weekly domestic chores are a great way to give sufficient physical exercise to the body like manual cleaning of house, washing clothes and utensils, culinary activities, gardening etc (try to avoid using domestic electric appliances for each activity).

For both men and women, there is one more activity viz., dancing which may be more interesting for many to take up. It is less boring and cumbersome, more entertaining when compared to bland physical workouts. Never miss the rare chance of engaging in physical workouts on Sundays or weekends and make it point that you should utilize the chance fully well to your benefit which shall prove immensely useful for your health in the long run.

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