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PACU JAWI cow races in Indonesia Tanah Datar West Sumatra

Pacu Jawi

Pacu Jawi  means a Cow Race which is held in Indonesia. Pacu Jawi is annual event held in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. After harvesting of the paddy fields Indonesia people will celebrate Pacu Jawi. Bull significance is in their traditional culture.  Indonesia bull race is held in moist paddy fields inside the West Sumatra. The concept isn't to win a race, but to see if the animals are healthy and the way they perform - run, turn and obey.

While touring Indonesia, or studying approximately the highlights of Indonesian cultures, you might discover that a cow race is what to expect to see in Madura Island, East Java, called Karapan Sapi. Jawi race is going on for eleven months in keeping with year, moving between sub districts within the regency, usually taking area on a paddy field.

Credit: Wiki, BBC, Smithsonian, Indohoy

Pacu Jawi Race:

In Pacu Jawi race, coupled cows run along the muddy discipline approximately 20-30 meters lengthy. Each couple is instructed with the aid of a jockey with his fingers on the cows’ tails and his feet at the wooden contraption that bind the cows together. The jockey bites one of the cows’ tip of the tail to make it run, automatically observed through the other one.

The jockey regularly has to chunk the tail once more in the middle of the race to make the cows cross faster. Commonly simplest a pair runs in one cross, accompanied quickly by using the next couples. Jockeys might stretch arms and legs as extensive as possible to steer and maintain the cows collectively.

Unfortunately, sometimes the cows go outside of the race track. Both cows run to the side and run through the target audience! Sure a cow is harmless, which means it doesn't clearly chase or ram audience round; however with a big figure like that (i will best wager the weigh!), one need to be able to be sufficiently agile to avoid being hit by a cow!

Pacu Jawi

The cows that run the quickest and straight till the end point are the winners. A normal cow that’s bred for daily consumption charges about USD 500-700. PACU Jawi racing cow can be priced at twice the normal cow as its least value to bargain from.

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