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No Matter How Much you are Overweighed. Focus on Exercise. Don’t get Discrimination


Every day exercise keeps you healthy and away from medicines and illnesses. Generally, those who have been victims of mockery due to their overweight have been undergoing relentless embarrassment and psychological discomfiture. People with obesity or overweight are found to be the subject of discrimination or ill-treatment at workplaces, educational institutions or amid the company of relatives and friends.

Everyday Exercise:

They bear the torture of being teased or bullied in almost all the countries across the world. According to a survey conducted in England, more than 60% of obese people are reported to be inactive in their regular activities and more than 30% of them are said to be not engaged in physical exercises.

How Does Discrimination Hurt The Health Of Obese People?

In the survey, the responses and replies to the questionnaires have been collected from more than 5400 people about their exercise habits and the bitter experiences of maltreatment on account of overweight. The survey which was very exhaustive extending for quite a long period has been titled the English Longitudinal Survey of Ageing, commenced in 2002.


The report further revealed that less than 1% of interviewees had woefully expressed that they were maltreated due to overweight as against more than 13% of the people with obesity. It was further found that 10% of the sufferers did not have any regular physical exercise and 18% of them said that they had a very light and non-strenuous physical workouts. Among the people who have not reported of hostile bias, 8% of them were under the category of inactivity and 14% were found to have engaged in light exercises.

The researchers concluded that the people who had been the victims of derision due to overweight were found to have abstained from rigorous physical activity. The survey further commented that the ill-treatment had larger influence on the physical activity of people than their actual body mass index.

Sarah Jackson, a research associate in epidemiology and public health at University College, London said people lacked confidence to exercise in public after facing bitter experiences on account of living on with undesirably excess weight. She further stated that individuals with overweight were surprisingly observed to yield to the wrong notion that fat people were laden with negative traits of indolence and worthlessness.


According to her, interventions that are intended to decrease lopsidedness based on weight, keeping in view the benefits of physical and mental health, might exert more intense impact than those who instil people to curb excess weight.  

While it is a universal truth that excess weight or obesity brings unwholesomeness to your appearance, makes you the target of maltreatment apart from developing a slew of health problems it is invariably advisable that maintaining proper body weight as per the normal standards keeps you invulnerable from impending adversities.

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