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National Park

The National Park of American Samoa is America’s 50th National Park, is the only one south of the equator. The park preserves and protects coral reefs, tropical rainforests, fruit bats, and the Samoan culture. It is popular for hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving. The National Park of American Samoa was established on October 31, 1988. This park is home to over 35 resident and migratory species, including seabirds,water birds, Forrest birds, and shorebirds. Three species of bat are the only native mammals: two large fruit bats and a small insectivore, the Pacific sheath-tailed bat. They serve an important role in pollinating the island's plants.

National Park Islands:

The national park of American Samoa is really three parks on three separate islands Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta‘ū. Those three islands are volcanic islands. Tutuila island is the largest and main island in the samoa, It is near to the pago pago airport. ofu and Ta’u islands are the manu’a group islands. Ta’u Island is the largest island in manu’a group.

1. Tutuila Island:

Tutila is the only part of the park accessible by car and attracts the vast majority of visitors to the area. The park lands include a trail to the top of Mount Alava and historic World War II gun emplacement sites at Breakers Point and Blunt's Point. The sporting activities are obtainable such as scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking activities are attractive to tourists

2. Ofu Island:

The highest peak on Ofu is Mount Tumutumu. Ofu island is carried Archaeology field work in the 1980s yielded pre-historic evidence including ceramics, adzes, shell and bone which have been significant in furthering understanding of the ancient history of the Samoa Islands 

3. Ta’u Island:

Ta‘u island can be reached by a flight from Tutuila to Fiti‘uta village on Ta‘ū. Accommodations are available on Ta‘u. A trail runs from Saua around Si’u Point to the southern coastline and stairs to the summit of Lata Mountain.

National Park Adventures:

The National park also promotes adventure events like snorkeling, hiking and scuba diving. These adventures are attractive to the tourists.

How To Reach American Samoa:

Here we listed Transportation details to reach American Samoa by airlines and ships.

By Air:

There are flights from Pago Pago to Honolu twice in every week. Return fares are cheaper than regular fares, if advance purchase of before one month.

Frequent daily flights to Pago Pago to Apia.

By Ship:

The Ship will start on Pago Pago to Apia once a week. They follow rules , regulations and limited number of passengers up to 220.

How To Reach National Park:

National park connected via roads, airlines and taxis

Airport Facility:

 The nearest airport is Pago Pago International Airport on Tutuila. Airplane service is available several times per week from Honolulu.

Taxis Facility:

Several car rental facilities are available at the airport and on the island and near the market in Fagatog.

Best Time To Visit:

The National Park of American Samoa is open 24-hours per day.  Some areas of the park maybe temporarily closed due to trail maintenance or safety measures. No entry fees or reservations are required to visit the national park. From June to September there is rainy season.

Food And Shopping:

There are Many small stores and restaurants are available to eat. Food is very delicious and reasonable price.  Restaurants offer a variety of dishes, including American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Polynesian. You can buy handmade clothing. Some of the restaurants are

  • Evelani's 
  • Goat Island Cafe 
  • Island Pizza 
  • Tisa's Barefoot Bar & Grill 
  • Toa 
  • McDonalds 
  • Carls Jr 

    Nearest Hotels Of American Samoa:

    Hotels and resorts are available in the American Samoa. Some of the best hotels are:

    Do’s And Don’ts In National Park Of American Samoa:

    • Camping is prohibited.
    • Plan to dress lightly; sandals, shorts and short sleeved shirts are suggested.
    • If you plan to hike in the park’s interior, wear sturdy boots.
    • Bring your own snorkel equipment, especially when visiting Ofu Island.

    National Park

    Best Places To Visit Around National Park Of American Samoa:

    National park of American Samoa is the center of attraction in America Samoa, There are many beauteous places around national park. The places are Mount Alava, Jean P.Haydon Museum, Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa, Matafao Peak.

    Mount Alava:

    Mount Alava is located in Eastern District, Mount Alava is the tallest peak in the park, It was quite green and quite humid. It was strange though, because there were not a lot of animals in the rainforest. There were no major predators, so while hiking was quite safe.

    Jean P.Haydon Museum

    The Jean P. Haydon Museum is dedicated to the culture and history of the United States territory of American Samoa. The present collection brings the island's varied history alive with war clubs, model canoes, kava bowls, and old photos, plus explanations of tattooing and tapa-cloth making.

    Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary:

    Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a national marine sanctuary in American Samoa. It is one of the most protected and beautiful sanctuary. Visitors can hear courting males sing whale songs, which the whales may be using to attract mates.

    Congregational Christian Church Of American Samoa:

    The church was established by the missionaries of the London Missionary Society in the 1830’s.Congregational church is Beautiful church with wonderful sculptures and paintings representing the culture of the original missionaries and the Samoan culture.

    Matafao Peak:

    Matafao Peak is a mountain of American Samoa, on the island of Tutuila. With an elevation of 653 meters (2,142 ft), it is highest peak in the island. This is a moderate hike to the top of the highest peak on Tutuila

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