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Narayana College | Intermediate | Engineering | Medical College

Narayana College

Narayana college managemnet has so many branches ranging from playschool to post graduation courses. Narayana Group of Educational Institutions is a group of education providers from pre-primary to professional post-graduation.

Narayana College:

  • Narayana College was established in 1979.

  • Narayana Junior College (NJC) is one of the institutional initiatives of the Narayana Group since its inception.

  • Narayana College has around 400 branches across the country with over 5 lakh students enrolling each year in standards XI and XII. 

  • Narayana institutions are majorly located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

  • Narayana junior college is one of the best colleges for intermediate students.

  • The faculty members are highly enriched lecturers. Its method of imparting education is excellent.

  • Narayana College has hostel facilities with quality food and accommodation.

  • Narayana college institution produces well educated students and churn out good doctors, good engineers, good human beings and professionally competent citizens.

Bhashyam Schools For Good Education

​ General Features For All Courses:

  • Concept oriented teaching subject wise

  • Vast and Research oriented study material

  • Senior faculty

  • Daily assignments

  •  Scheduled study Programmes

  • Expert Counselling and Building up confidence

  • Hygienic Hostels, Nutritious Food in Hostels

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Narayana College

​Special Features At Narayana To Become A Doctor:

  • Defined Micro schedules by decades of experienced faculty.

  • Narayana College Integrated material

  • Area wise student common ranking system

  • Team of dedicated faculty

  • Complete up gradation as per ever-changing education pattern

  • Training and Focusing as making succeed in all state & national level tests

  • Medical sure shot rank with N-40 Program-spark program

  • Provision of vast material with research according to changing patterns

  • Narayana College Special focus on physics which decides the destination.

  • Narayana College Teaching and clarification of doubts by vast experienced faculty.

  • Narayana College Continuous monitoring an individual student abilities & solutions

  • Common focus on all JIPMER, AIMS, MAHE, AFMC, BHU & other National level Medical entrances

Courses Offered: MEC With CA-CPT

Highlights of CA-CPT

  • CA-CPT orientation with intermediate

  • Daily split focus for 5 hours on group subject, for 3 hours on CPT teaching.

  • Teaching and study hours monitoring by complete senior most faculty.

  • Complete research oriented study material

  • Proper guidance and motivation by experts

  • Special focus on communication skills & development

Narayana college

  • Conduct of seminar to create complete awareness on subjects and making through provoking

  • Make through on fundamentals through CDF program

  • Analyzing student caliber in a weekend tests, objective tests, CDF tests etc.

  • Special counseling and alert on error list

  • Both teaching and revision on CPT exam, till the final CPT exam

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