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Mysore city is located in the southern part of the Deccan Plateau. Mysore is now officially renamed as Mysuru (which changed its name from Mysore in 2014) is one of South India's most enchanting cities, famous for its glittering royal heritage, magnificent and enchanting monuments and buildings. Its World Heritage–listed palace brings many travellers here.

Location of Mysore:

 It is located 140 kms from the city of gardens, Bangalore, India. The city has a recorded history dating back to a thousand years and a history which explains the origin of the name - apparently, this was the place where the demon Mahishasura was slain by the Goddess Chamundi. You will find a statue of the demon on Chamundi hill which commemorates this event. The dynasty is still well-loved and the people of Mysore are still nostalgic for the grandeur of the earlier times. The palaces built by the Wodeyars and the yearly celebration of Dussehra are holdovers of that period.

Mysuru is noted for its palaces, including the Mysore Palace, and for the festivities that take place during the Dussehra festival, when the city receives a large number of tourists. It lends its name to the own style of painting, the sweet dish Mysore Pak, the Mysore Peta (a traditional silk turban) and the garment known as the Mysore silk saree. Tourism is the major industry alongside the traditional industries. Mysore has traditionally been home to industries such as weaving, sandalwood carving, bronze work and the production of lime and salt.

Mysore is a major tourist destination in its own right and serves as a base for other tourist attractions in the vicinity. The city receives large number of tourists during the 10-day Dussehra festival - Dasara (also spelt as Dusshera). This is the state festival of Karnataka, carried over from the time when it was celebrated by the Wodeyars in grand style. On the last day, of the 10th day festival celebrated during the month of September and October, a procession of the state's guards leads the Goddess Chamundi seated on a golden howdah mounted on an elephant. The procession is followed by various tableaux, a visual treat rarely seen anywhere else in the world.  Mysore is  Karnataka's the second biggest city, situated in Southern India. It was the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar dynasty and is considered the cultural capital of the state. Mysore is cleanest city in India and one of the most well-planned ones. The people of Mysore are famous for their peaceful attitude and helpful nature.

Mysore City Attractions:


Among the grandest of India’s royal buildings,  this was the seat of the Wodeyar maharajas. The original palace was gutted by fire in 1897; the one we see today was completed in 1912 by an English architect Henry Irwin for ₹4.5 million. The lavish Indo-Saracenic interior – a kaleidoscope of stained glass, mirrors and gaudy colours – is undoubtedly over the top. It's further embellished by carved wooden doors, mosaic floors and a series of paintings. The way into the palace takes you past a fine collection of sculptures and artefacts. Every Sunday and national holiday, from 7pm to 7.30pm, the palace is illuminated by nearly 100,000 light bulbs that project its majestic profile against the night.

Chamundi Hill:

This 1062m hill is crowned with the Sri Chamundeswari Temple. Alternatively, you can take the foot trail comprising 1000-plus steps that Hindu pilgrims use to visit the temple. One-third of the way down is a 5m-high statue of Nandi (Shiva’s bull) that was carved on a single rock.

Brindavan Gardens:

The Brindavan Gardens has a beautiful botanical park, full of fountains, as well as boats in the river beneath the dam. Diwans of Mysore planned and built the gardens in connection with the construction of the dam. Display items include a musical fountains. It is situated at Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) dam Mandya district. The gardens are 19km northwest of Mysuru.

Jaganmohan Palace:

Built in 1861 as the royal auditorium, this stunning palace just west of the Palace now houses the Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. Set over three floors it has a huge collection of Indian paintings, including works by noted artist Raja Ravi Varma, traditional Japanese art and some rare musical instruments.

Lalithmahal Palace:

Also a former palace but now a five star hotel, visitors should go around afternoon tea time as they serve a great British high tea. It is located near Chamundi Hill. 

St. Philomenas Church:

A beautiful Cathedral, reminiscent of medieval architectural style, is one of the largest churches in the country. Built in the gothic style, the Church is an imposing structure with stained glass windows and lofty towers.

Datta Peetham:

Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Avadhoota Datta Peetham is an ashram in main city. It has beautiful gardens with bonsais among other plants.

Mysore Zoo:

It is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It was established under royal patronage in 1892, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world, and since then millions of people have enjoyed its wonderful animals and spectacular grounds.

City Shopping:

Mysore is famous for silk sarees (Mysore Silk), sandalwood carvings and the many varities of perfumed incense sticks. Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium, Sayaji Road - Sandal wood figurines and caskets, Agarbathis (Incense), Chenapatna Dolls and Wooden Toys, Traditional Deck of playing cards.

Nearby Places:

  • Shivanasamudram Falls – It is about 65km from Mysore. Here the River Cauvery meanders to fall into cascading Shivanasamudram falls.
  • Somnathpur- It is about 35Kms away from Mysore, the famous Keshava temple here stands erect as a symbol of great authority and skills possed by the Hoysala rulers.
  • Talakadu – It is 48.8Km from the city. Here centuries old temples have been buried deep under sand. A few temples have been excavated and open to public.



Mysore is famous for its most famous traditional sweet, the Mysore Pak. South Indian breakfast favourites like idlis, Mysore Bajji, sambars, masala dosas, Bisibele Baath,Raagi and Akki Rotis ,Idli -Sambar  are widely available.


The nearest airports are Bangalore airport near Devanahalli (170km from Mysore) and Mysore Airport. Many trains are also available. Chipsan aviation provides helicopter charter services from Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli to Mysore Helipad. Buses run every 5 minutes from Bangalore. City is approximately 150 km from Bangalore, and there is a 4 lane highway (2 lanes in each direction) connecting the 2 cities. You can also use Jatka (horse-drawn carriage).

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