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Kamal Hassan Inspirational Speech

Kamal Hassan
Kamal HassanIndian Film Actor

Kamal Hassan is a very famous Indian film actor. He was born on November 7th 1954. Kamal is also a director, producer, screen writer, playback singer, choreographer, lyricist, philanthropist and dancer. He started his career from childhood. He has started his own film production company called Rajkamal International. Kamal Hassan won several film awards and Padma shri and Padma Bhushan.

Kamal Hassan Awards:

  1. Padma Shri (1990)

  2. Padma Bhushan (2014)

  3. National Film Award

  4. 19 Film fare awards.

  5. Ordre des Arts et des Letters (2016)

Kamal Hassan Quotes for Life:

Kamal has an inspirational mind and he is a strong man. His quotations are,

  • “I am a 21st century man. I don’t believe in magic. I believe in sweat, tears, life and death”

  • “People ask me, “Is yours an atheistic principle?”. Boldly I reply NO. Atheism is my Tool. Humanism is my Principle”

  • “To my conscience, humanity is the mother of all religions. Be the human and being human raises the standard of humanity.”

  • Religious people are so convinced that only their religion is the right one. You will never find them asking for Muslim blood or Hindu blood or Christian blood at a hospital.”

“I am proud of the kind of democracy we have managed to practice in spite of many attempts to abuse it. India is a younger democracy as compared to the centuries old democracy practiced in United Kingdom and United States Of America. Yet universal suffrage that is voting rights for all citizens of India came into practice 15 years before it came into practice in a democracy called America.”

Kamal Hassan

Inspirational Speech:

In the present video, Kamal Hassan has shared his views at Indian Institute Of Technology Mumbai. He tried to inspire the IIT students with question and answers session. He shared his inspirational energy to students and injected the confidence, hard work, reality of life, responsibility of life.

Kamal Hassan

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