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Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls is very beautiful and emerges from the Iguazu River. The waterfall is located at the border of the Misiones which is a province in Argentine and Parana, one of the states in Brazil. It is a set of amazing water falls ranging from 60 to 82 meters high on the Iguazu River. Iguazu is the world largest waterfalls. When compared with Victoria Falls in Southern Africa Iguazu waterfalls is wider because this waterfalls splits into 275 discrete strands entering large islands. The continuous cascade creates a special mist which when kissed by sunrays gives birth to an infinite number of rainbows, a scene that is so impressive that its photo appears on common postcards of the region.

Iguazu Falls:

Opening Hours And Fee:

Iguazu is open every day throughout the year. Sightseeing hours are from 8am to 6pm. The only acceptable currency is Argentine Peso and credit/debit cards are also accepted. Identification card or passport is required to get an entry ticket.

Best Time To Visit:

Best time to visit the fall in mid-season from February to April and July to October.

Things To Do At  Iguazu Waterfalls:

1. Macuco Safari Boat Ride:

The Macuco Safari Boat Ride starts in a jeep pulled wagon through the jungle. It is followed by a short walk that actually lets you take a dip under one of the much smaller water falls along the river. Finally, climb aboard  Zodiac for a 4km journey over flat water and rapids, and under the falls known as the Three Musketeers. You will get soaked.

2. River Rafting:

Rafting is the ideal way to explore the Iguazu River in an unforgettable adventure. After leaving the Macuco Safari boat this is a 30 minute long trip in a raft.

3. Trip In Passenger Boat:

It is a 3 ½ hour trip in a passenger boat to the Moises Bertoni Museum at the Paraguayan Border. This is a much tamer experience for those who still wish to spend time on the river, yet without as much excitement.

4. Helicopter Rides:

It is a ten minute ride over the falls. A pilot and three additional passengers fly over Iguazu Falls for a fantastic bird’s eye view. It is a ten minute ride, but 35 minute trips allow one to go over Itaipu Dam and Foz do Iguaco as well.

5. Camp De Desafios:

This means the field of challenges. Camp de Desafios offers guests an opportunity for adventure activities like repelling, canopy walking, rafting, and climbing.

6. See Rhe Falls In Moon Light:

 It is the most romantic way to visit the falls in the Moon light. A scenic walk and a ride on a panoramic elevator add completeness to the trip. This unique elevator allows guests to see the falls in a totally different way, extremely up close.

How To Teach Iguazu Waterfalls:

1. By Air:

There are two airports within five miles of the falls. The Iguazu International Airport receives flights from the main cities of Argentina, with frequent daily flights from Buenos Aires, the capital of the country.

 Foz do Iguacu Airport (IGU) on the Brazilian side.

2. By Bus:

The buses that connect Buenos Aires to Iguazu and other cities are Crucero Del Norte, Expreso Singer S. A. Expreso Tigre Iguazu and Via Bariloche.

3. By Car:

Even if you are very adventurous, renting a car is not advised to drive to Iguazú from Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro because it’s a very long trip along a two-lane highway for most of the part and hence it’s not a very logical option. It makes more sense to fly or take a bus to Iguazu and then rent a car in town.

Hotels Nearby

You have different types of hotels to choose:

  1. Belmond hotel das Cataratas
  2. Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa
  3. Hotels Falls Galli
  4. Esturion hotel and lodge
  5. Hotel Panorama Foz
  6. Yvy hotel de selva
  7. Grand crucero Iguazu Hotel
  8. Boutique hotel de la fon
  9. Rainforest Hotel Selva
  10. Exe Hotel Cataratas
  11. Mercure Iguazu Hotel Iru

Iguazu Falls


Iguazu waterfalls has a variety of shops in the vicinity. You can buy trinkets, T-shirts and gifts, electronics, leatherwork, clothing and accessories.

Food In Iguazu Falls:

There is a large variety of food to enjoy in Iguazu Falls area. Here we list the names of few dishes that you can try.

  • Mbeyu
  • The chipa, or Paraguayan cake
  • Paraguayan soup
  • The galeto
  • The rapadura
  • Terere

Iguazu Waterfalls Photo Session:

You really like this place because of its exotic views, tempting to capture in camera. Here you feel very refreshed and enjoy the weather & water. Spend more time to take photos.

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