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Hongik University in South Korea

Hongik University

Hongik University is the one of best architectureal art institutions in South Korea. Hongik University has a broad range of Undergraduate courses, Graduate programs, Doctoral programs. Hongik University is located in Mapo-gu district of central Seoul, South Korea. This University was established in 1946. This university has two campuses 1. Seoul campus and 2. Sejong campus.

Hongik University:


94, Wausan-ro,

Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04066,

South Korea, Tel:+82-2-320-1114,

Hongik University​ Colleges:

Seoul Campus: 

Seoul campus has various specific subjects for all international students. This campus has the following colleges:

Engineering Sciences:

Urban and civil engineering, Electronics and Electrical engineering course, Information and computer engineering, Chemical engineering and materials science courses and Mechanical and system design engineering course.


Architecture major course and Interior Architecture course

Business Administration:

Business administration major course

Liberal Arts:

  • English language and literature courses,

  • German language and literature,

  • French language and literature and

  • Korean language and literature.


Business and information law and Public service law.


Mathematics, Korean language, English, History.

Fine Arts: 

  • Oriental painting,

  • Painting,

  • Printmaking,

  • Sculpture,

  • Woodworking and furniture design,

  • Art studies,

  • Metal art and design,

  • Ceramics and glass, 

  • Textile art and fashion design and fine arts courses.

Sejong Campus

This campus widely established for the following colleges:

College Of Science And Technology 

  • Materials science and engineering, Naval architecture and ocean engineering course,

  • Mechanical and design engineering course, Electronic and Electrical engineering course,

  • Computer and information communications engineering course and

  • Architecture engineering course.

Business Management 

Accounting major, Finance and insurance major courses,

International management courses.

E-marketing and global business administration courses.

Design And Art 

  • Design and media course, 

  • Animation course,

  • Films making course, video and moving image course,

  • Communication design course

  • Other Games design and development course,

  • Advertising and public relations course,

  • Sports science and Management and technology course.


  • Seoul campus courses

  • Graduate school courses

  • Architecture and Urban design course, Business, Education, Fine arts, Performing arts,

  • Advertising and public relations, design contents, Film and digital media course.

  • Professional graduate school International design school for advanced studies.

Sejong Campus 

  • Graduate school Graduate school 

  • Specialized graduate school 

  • Culture, Information and public policy,

  • Smart city science management 

Research Institute:

It has different institutes under this university. Each institute has specific subjects. All subjects are listed below.

  • Management course

  • Economics,

  • Education,

  • Science and technology course

  • Humanities,

  • Law course

  • Industrial technology course

  • Art design,

  • Image course

  • Environment art course

  • Business management course

  • Art and culture course

  • Environmental design course

  • mobility course

You can also visit the link for further information

Hongik University

Admission Process:

Online application process, Documents submission activity, Qualification evaluation process, Screening (documents review, interview), Results release, Additional documents submission, Registration, Acceptance letter, Course registration etc.

Further information available at


For the Year 2016 Hongik university got 21st rank in Universities in web ranking in overall South Korea.

Financial Aid:

Hongik University runs diverse scholarship programs for students who excel academically and also for low-income family students. The university also provides Hongik global scholarship grants to encourage studies undertaken by foreign students.  You see more information here

Hongik Notable Alumni:

Young Man Kang: Young Man Kang is a film director and producer in south Korea

  • Kim Bo-kyung: Kim Bo-Kyung is a South Korean professional footballer who plays as a midfielder at Wigan Athletic

  • Han Bi-ya: She is one of the top celebrities of impact in South Korea

  • Han, Jae-Il:  Han is working for Ginidream as a general Manager in Design HCI Team

Hongik University Students:

14,500 undergraduate students and 2600 graduate students in Hongik University.

Campus Life:

Hongik University offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs. As part of student welfare, the dormitory operates to cultivate character through autonomous public life, as well as providing a convenient accommodation conducive to learning during the study period.

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