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Honey is natural and delicious. It not only gives delicious flavor but also gives healthy life. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can maintain the fitness of your body both externally and internally. It is cholesterol-free, sodium-free, fat-free and contains vitamins, antioxidants & amino acids. It has been known for its anti-aging and complexion-enhancing powers.

Honey Applications:

1. For Combating Acne:

Skin acne is a result of bacteria on the surface of skin and in its pores. Take a break from Neutrogena or Clinique for a few weeks and try replacing your normal face wash with raw-honey. Apply raw honey on your skin, leave for a minute or two and then rinse with warm water.

If you wear a full facial mask, you can also use a natural oil like Jojoba or Almond oil to remove the entire product before applying. The combination of these ingredients will feel luxurious and they won’t give you the tight, dry-feeling skin that harsh cleansers do.

2. For Anti-aging:

Antioxidants can prevent wrinkles and generally slow the effects of aging on your skin. Honey has antioxidants which can take care of your skin; remember it works for all kinds of skin. Apply raw-honey on skin and leave for 15 min, rub smoothly to see better results.


After applying, your skin will feel supple and smooth and you’ll feel one step closer to immortality. Mix with honey, turmeric or lemon juice in 1:1 ratio and apply on skin for over 30-45 min. This is also a useful remedy for smooth and glowing skin.

3. To Improve Your Complexion:

As a natural cleanser, honey aids in prevention and reduction of blemishes, scars and pigmentation on the skin. Its regular application will even improve your skin tone, lighten and brighten your complexion and give you a naturally beautiful skin without much hassle.

Mix equal parts of honey, sugar and coconut oil and then apply this mixture on face or entire body. After10 to 15 minutes rinse with hot water. One thing to note is that coconut oil can be comedogenic, so patch test your skin before applying..

4. Benefits Of Moisturizer:

We know that moisturizer is all the rage right now. In winter season we need to get protection from moisture. Rather than buying any other organic moisturizer for skin it is advised to mix some raw-honey with two cups of milk and take a nice long bath.

5. Cleanse Your Skin:

General skin diseases are puffiness, eczema, and psoriasis and more. It improves skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, due to a combination of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Weight Loss:

Honey consumption can decrease your chances of gaining weight by lowering the amount of food eaten. Excessive sugar in diet is bad so replacing your white or brown sugar with raw is a great way to cut back on refined sugar altogether. Some experts also recommend drinking raw with lemon every morning to kick-start your metabolism for boosting energy.

7. Fade Scars:

Honey not only keeps your skin soft and healthy, but also makes sure less of a scar is left behind. Mix raw with turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon and kosher salt. We recommended that mix the above materials in equal proportions and apply the mixture to the affected area, rub and repeat as often as necessary. All of these ingredients boast skin-lightening properties, but honey also has an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which releases hydrogen peroxide.This nature will help to discolour the scar.


8. Hangover:

According to so many research results, the fructose found in honey can help your body to break down alcohol more quickly. Honey on a piece of toast, before or after drinking, may prevent a hangover.

9. Sunburn Relief:

This one is pretty proven application. Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness and swelling caused by sunburn. As with aloe vera, honey is often recommended as a treatment for burns. Apply this mixture to a healing sunburn can help the skin repair faster.

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