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Vitamin B2 Health Benefits Recommended Dose | Deficiencies | Riboflavin

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin. It is a water-soluble vitamin and belongs to the vitamin B complex group. Riboflavin helps the body breakdown carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy. It plays like an antioxidant in our body; it fights against the free radicals which can cause damage the cells and DNA. The main functions of vitamin B2 are maintaining healthy blood cells, helping boost energy levels, healthy metabolism, protecting skin and eye health and preventing free radical damage.

Important Sources Of Riboflavin:

Riboflavin is a water- soluble vitamin. It cannot be retained in our body and it is naturally sent out from the body through excretion; so it must be taken into our body daily. Riboflavin can be found in dairy products, dry–roasted soybeans, brewer’s yeast, liver and edamame, oysters, meat, broccoli, avocados, mushrooms and salmon. Vitamin B2 is also richly found in oily fish, eggs, wild rice, shellfish, sunflower seeds, millet, dried peas and beans. Dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, mushrooms and whole grain products are good sources of vitamin B2.  Low level of vitamin B2 found in figs, apples, cabbage and carrots. Riboflavin is lost due to the strong light and baking soda and is not destroyed during cooking.

Deficiency Symptoms Of Riboflavin:

Deficiency of riboflavin causes bloodshot eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, parched lips, high sensitivity to light, sore tongue and inflammation in the mouth. Oily hair, split nails and premature wrinkles are the other common symptoms of deficiency of riboflavin.

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Vitamin B2

Recommended Daily Intake Of Vitamin B1:

Here we list Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) intake of vitamin B2 in the form of food or supplements. Supplements should be used under the physician suggestion.


Infants, birth to 6 months: 0.3 mg (adequate intake)

Infants, 7 to 12 months: 0.4 mg (adequate intake)


Children, 1 to 3 years: 0.5 mg (RDA)

Children, 4 to 8 years: 0.6 mg (RDA)

Children, 9 to 13 years: 0.9 mg (RDA)

Boys, 14 to 18 years: 1.3 mg (RDA)

Girls, 14 to 18 years: 1 mg (RDA)


Men, 19 years and older: 1.3 mg (RDA)

Women, 19 years and older: 1.1 mg (RDA)

Pregnant women: 1.4 mg (RDA)

Breastfeeding women: 1.6 mg (RDA)

Health Benefits Of Vitamin B2:

Riboflavin plays key role in maintaining good human health. Major health benefits of riboflavin are explained below in detail.

1. Protects Nervous System:

Nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, numbness, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, anxiety are mitigated with proper regular intake of vitamin B2. The CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) which makes manual job operated by hands difficult due to a pressure on the median nerve responsible for normal function of fingers of hand. The treatment of CTS involves injecting sufficient dose of vitamin B2, regularly.

2. Healthy Fetal Development:

In spite of the fact that there is no concrete evidence that vitamin2 ensures proper maintenance of health in pregnant women, vitamin A together with vitamin B2 is found to give good benefits to the embryo as well as expectant mother.

3. Promotes Growth And Development:

For proper growth of muscles and body in the case of growing children, vitamin B2 plays a vital role.

4. Can Help and Treat Anemia:

For the formation of red blood cells and antibodies, vitamin B2 is a necessary input in the human body which increases circulation and oxygenation to various organs of the body.

5. Supports Eye Health:

Vitamin B2 is essential for improving the health of cornea and proper vision.

6. Protects Healthy Hair And Skin:

Healing of external injuries on the skin is hastened by the presence of vitamin B2 in the body. It also helps in maintaining the strength of hair.

Vitamin B2

7. Maintaining Proper Energy Levels:

For generation of sufficient in the body, proper metabolic activities of fats, carbohydrates and proteins are essential. Riboflavin helps in maintenance of metabolism required by the body.

8. Boosts Immunity System:

Riboflavin improves the defending power of human body by strengthening anti bodies present in the body.

9. Migraine:

Practically, some cases have been found where migraine has been cured with sufficiently higher doses of riboflavin under the strict medical supervision.

Word Of Caution:

Don’t consume vitamin B2 supplements without consulting doctor.  Riboflavin doesn’t cause any side effects, but it harms the body if taken in high doses. Excessive doses may cause itching, burning or prickling sensations, numbness, sensitivity to light and yellow or brown coloured urine.

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