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Cluster Beans Vegetable Health Benefits Nutritional Facts | Guwar Bean

Cluster Beans Vegetable

Cluster beans vegetable also known as Guwar, Gavar or Guvar bean. The scientific name of cluster beans is Cyamopsis tetragonoloba and belongs to the Leguminosae family.  Cluster beans are a highly important leguminous crop of the Kharif season. These are grown our country mainly as green fodder but also for use as green manure, grain and vegetable. It contains numerous minerals namely potassium, Folate, Iron and calcium and vitamins such as vitamin A, B and K and Cluster beans and their seeds have enormous medicinal value packed with numerous health benefits.

Nutritional Facts of Cluster Beans Vegetable:

Cluster beans are loaded with several nutrients and minerals. Here we listed below

Nutritional value per 100 grams of cluster beans

Calcium                       130 mg

Carbohydrates          11gm

Energy                        16kcal

Fiber                           3gm

Iron                             1mg

Mineral                       1gm

Phosphorous             57mg

Protein                       3 gm

Health Benefits of Cluster Beans:

  1. Strengthen Bones:

Cluster beans contain calcium and other minerals which help in strengthening the bones. Phosphorous also present in the cluster beans aids in fortifying the bones and enhances bone health.

  1. Helpful for Pregnant Women:

Cluster beans are loaded with Calcium, Iron, vitamin K and Folic acid. Folic acid which helps to prevent the fetus from numerous birth defects and other pregnancy related health issues and vitamin K helps with better fetal development.

  1. Heart Health:

Cluster beans contain dietary fiber, folate and potassium which help lowering the blood levels of bad cholesterol in the body and also protects the heart from various cardiovascular complications.

  1. Calms The Brain:

Cluster beans have the hypoglycemic properties which help in relieve the nerves and also reduce tension and anxiety and calm the person mentally.

  1. Manage Blood Pressure:

Cluster beans have the hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties which make them the best natural aid for people suffering from hypertension. Heart disease and diabetes increase the risk of hypertension; hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic compounds play a key role in controlling the blood pressure levels.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:

Cluster beans are rich in iron it increases hemoglobin production, which helps in proper blood supply in the body and Phytochemicals are also present in the cluster beans which improves blood circulation.

Cluster Beans Vegetable

  1. Diabetes:

Glyconutrients are present in the cluster beans that help in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. Cluster beans have a low glycemic index it does not allow the blood sugar levels rise and fall rapidly. So add cluster beans in your diet and maintain a perfect blood sugar level.

  1.  Digestion:

Cluster beans vegetable loaded with fiber which keeps digestion well and remove unwanted toxins and prevents digest related problems.

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