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Former Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty Dies- The Deadly Obesity

Eman Ahmed Abd

Here is the real story of a lady who could not come out of the clutches of death, at a young age of 37 years. Eman Ahmed, who had once held the not-so-great reputation of being the heaviest woman in the world, passed away just a week after her 37th birthday, due to a plethora of complications caused by Eman Ahmed Abd extreme obesity.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty dies

When Eman Ahmed was born, she weighed 5 kgs which is double the normal standard for any healthy new born baby. It was not considered a serious problem with the hope that her overweight would set off on its own, during the course of time. However, her problems began to manifest slowly as she grew up. When she became 11, she had to crawl rather than walk for moving from one place to another. Even later, the problems never ceased to ramify; she lost her speech in 2014 as she was paralysed due to a sudden stroke caused by high cholesterol levels.

Eman Ahmed Abd problems reached alarming proportions in 2016, when she touched 500 kg mark and she was diagnosed with a number of problems like severe lymphedema & water retention, Type II diabetes, hypothyroidism, severe obstructive & restrictive lung disease, gout, extreme pulmonary embolism.

Repeated attempts for medical aid from doctors from Egypt and Greece were made by Eman Ahmed Abd sister Shaimaa desperately. Finally, she sought the help of Indian laparoscopy surgeon Dr.Muffazal Lakdawala and Eman had to be airlifted in an Egyptian cargo plane to get admitted in Saifee Hospital, Mumbai where an exclusive room of 1000 sft in the first floor was allotted to her.

Eman Ahmed Abd

She had to undergo, before operation, a number of medical tests including routine body check-up and a complete body profile test. She had to lose more than 100 pounds before surgery through a special liquid diet rich in high protein content and medicines to bring down the problem of water retention.

However, being extremely rankled by the unsatisfactory service rendered by the medical staff, Eman’s sister Shaimaa burst into tantrums and had a high pitched fracas with the doctors and released a video on social media highlighting that Eman received three strokes and became pallid with blue skin during her stay in the hospital.

She was brought back to Dubai and admitted in Burjee Hospital where a team of 20 doctors of different disciplines from VPS Healthcare kept a close medical supervision on her. Tentatively, there seemed a faint hope of her recovery when she was able to lift her right hand to feed herself which lost total movement 25 years ago. However, in spite of all the serious attempts, she breathed Eman Ahmed Abd last and met the tragic end due to combined assault of all her co-morbid conditions.

The entire above narration preaches us the golden truth that morbid obesity, if let loose beyond certain controllable limits, can chime the death knells and spell the ultimate doom much sooner than the end of normal longevity for an individual, no matter how rich he is and how big his team of talented doctors seriously attending on him.

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