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Ayurvedic Anti Rash Cream with Nature’s goodness

Itching and rash is a symptom of skin infection that we all experience in our lives. This condition is something that we do not disclose to others and seek for anti-rash cream. Its symptom is peculiarly a skin sensation that causes discomfort and sometimes causes embarrassment. There are many external factors responsible for the itching such as irritation, inflammation or clogged skin. At times, it happens due to immune system issue, allergies, genetically and diseases that may lead to irritation. It is noticeable with a flaking texture. In medical terms, this skin condition is known as Pruritus which is generally caused due to fungal or bacterial infection, insect bites and stings, sun exposure, a topic dermatitis and extra dry skin. 

What is skin itching?

This is an irritation that stimulates the sufferer to scratch. Its symptoms can be reflected in one area or all over the body. Sometimes it happens without any redness, blisters or any lesions. But most of the time, it is visible with some abnormalities on the upper layer of the body.

Symptoms of Itching

Its symptoms are associated with its underlying causes. Rashes, bumps, redness and blisters are the conditions that may reflect as symptoms.

Causes of Skin Infection

It would be shocking to know that emotional stress, anxiety and tension can also cause itchiness. Dry skin usually causes itchiness while the exposure of UV radiation from the Sun directly affects the skin which has been reported as a cause of soreness. 

A topic dermatitis is also known as the chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects in the childhood. The patient has to suffer itchiness, rash or thickened layer.

The experts disclosed in their research that patients suffering from hepatitis C, cirrhosis or a clogged bile duct generally get itchiness. 

Is there any solution available to cure itchiness?

Causes and symptoms of the skin infection seem rigid to tackle hence, one needs to find out its solution before it becomes the reason for insomnia or a depressed life. Anti rash cream from BIOAYURVEDA has been the most robust Ayurvedic formula to heal the damaged skin, reduce inflammation and itching. Exclusively prepared with herbs and essential oils, this herbal skin care cream ensures the treatment of itchiness with the richness of Ayurveda text. This Ayurvedic anti-rash cream calms skin irritation and hydrates the dry skin. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Anti Rash Cream

  • Relieves skin inflammation
  • Reduces discomfort caused by rashes, allergic irritation
  • Lessens the redness and swelling
  • Delivers soothing and calming effects
  • Alleviates dryness, sensitivity and soreness
  • Quickly recovers the damaged skin

Anti-Itch ‘N’ Rash Cream With Nature’s Ingredients

Turmeric – It has been the most preferred medicinal herb which contains anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is much effective to cure eczema and other itchiness. 

Aloe Vera – Enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this herb extract heals the skin and deeply moisturizes it.

Chamomile – It has been a highly active anti-oxidant herb that eases itchy, dry and irritated skin. It also soothes the inflammation through its anti-inflammatory compound.

Calendula – This therapeutic and nourishing herb extract is contained of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements. Hence, it combats itching and dryness.

Holy Basil – Anti-bacterial agents of Tulsi keeps the skin infections at bay. It soothes irritates the skin, reduces the blemishes and inflammation.

Pepper Mint – This herb in anti-rash cream extract relieves the pain and itching through its cooling effects. 

Wheat Germ – Being a rich source of anti-oxidant and vitamin E, this ingredient heals the damaged skin, reduces the dryness and relieves the skin itching.

Soy – This ingredient of Ayurvedic anti-rash cream is enriched with vitamin E and other essential nutrients which support skin health after easing the rashes. 

Lavender Oil – It has been a rich source of anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it fights against the bacteria and other causes of itchiness.

With the essence of nature, Anti-Itch n Rash Cream from BIOAYURVEDA offers a herbal remedy to cure every symptom of inflammation. All ingredients in this anti-rash cream are intense to curb the infection and its effects. Along with its execution to moisturize the affected area, makes it valuable for itchy and rash skin. Ayurveda beauty products have always been a panacea for men and women of all ages. Apart from beauty care, this science of life has also brought organic products for skin and overall health care. 

Today, people are moving towards Ayurveda for their skin and body care rather than using chemical-based products. It’s their belief and trust towards Ayurvedic products in India, which bring them close to nature. BIOAYURVEDA endeavored to accomplish today’s needs and launched premium product ranges for skin, face and body care.

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