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Why Chinese Foods Damage Your Health | Know Why, How

Chinese Foods

Chinese Foods Damage your health –Chinese foods are spiced chicken, Manchurian, spring rolls, Chow Mein, fried rice. These foods are available in other countries also. Chinese foods are good for health but our way of preparation and eating approach makes different which is why Chinese food damages our health.

Chinese Foods Damage:

If you eat Chinese food, take more water, leafy vegetables, fruits and soup items which help to reduce indigestion, obesity, heart diseases. Chinese prepare half boiled items with less oil and less spices; so Chinese are healthy. We use more salt, oil and more species and hence Chinese food damages our health.   Chinese diet is actually the healthiest food in the world. Chinese culture is built on the foundation of balancing harmony, contrast and adaptivity to change. Chinese meal always balances ingredients that are yin and yang. Yin foods cool the body and yang food heat up the body. Chinese meals always include soup, which helps to release nutrients from the food. Chinese also take green leafy vegetables, so Chinese are healthy.

Side Effects Of Chinese Foods And Corrective Measures:

1. Chow Mein:

Chow means fried and Mein means noodles. So, Chow Mein means fried noodles. Add different sauces and veggies to the cooked noodles which are called Chow Mein. Chow Mein categorically is different from Canadian Chow Mein, Indian Chow Mein and so on. Chow Mein is cooked and eaten in different ways in different parts of globe.

Side Effects of Chow Mein:

Noodles are made with refined flour. Noodles cause abdominal discomforts, diarrhea, cancer, chronic bloating and effect blood pressure levels.

Chinese Foods

Minimize Side Effects:

Avoid noodles made of refined flour, choose healthy noodles. Add plenty of vegetables and replacing quantity of noodles proportionately. Heat the oil in proper temperature because insufficient heating of oil causes many side effects.

2. Fried Rice:

Fried rice is very delicious. Different ingredients are used to prepare fried rice in different parts of the globe. Fried rice is not good as a regular diet.

Side Effects of Fried Rice:

Fried rice causes some side effects like various headaches, weight gain, hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Chinese Foods

Minimize Side Effects:

You can use less oil, use brown rice and use less soy sauce in fried rice which helps to reduce the side effects.

3. Spring Rolls:

Spring rolls are Chinese delicious snack. Spring rolls are filled with vegetables fried deeply. Spring rolls give more calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, sodium and fat.

Side Effects of Spring Rolls:

If you take an excessive amount of spring rolls, it causes side effects such as heart diseases, weight gain and risk of high blood pressure.

Chinese Foods

Minimize The Side Effects:

Add more vegetables, use refined oil, use papers to drain excess amount of oil.

4. Chili Chicken:

Chili chicken is a more delicious food. Chicken gives iron, B-complex vitamins and proteins. Vegetables provide fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

Side Effects of Chili Chicken:

If you take excessive amount of chicken in your diet it causes cancer and diarrhea.  Eating more spicy food causes stomach ulcers.

Chinese Foods

Minimize The Side Effects Of Chili Chicken:

Eat skinless chicken because it contains low cholesterol. Take more water or milk after eating chili chicken as it helps to reduce the stomach ulcers and indigestion problems.

5. Manchurian:

Manchurian is Chinese food. It is prepared with cauliflower and more ingredients. Manchurian is a popular dish anywhere but it is dangerous for health.

Side Effects:

Many pesticides are used for growing cauliflower. Chemicals cause bad effects on the central nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular diseases.

Chinese Foods

Minimize The Side Effects of Manchurian:

Make Manchurian at home by buying fresh cauliflower, boiling in water sufficiently, using refined oil and less soy sauce to reduce side effects.

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