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The cost of medical marijuana in Ohio varies depending on form (processed products typically cost more) and from dispensary to dispensary. To understand what affects average cannabis prices, it is helpful to understand the certification journey medical marijuana must go through in Ohio.


In the medical marijuana industry, there are three major steps that all cannabis products must go through before they are ready for patients in Ohio:

  1. The production of medical marijuana begins with the licensed cultivators, who are tasked with growing the cannabis plants that produce marijuana.

  2. Next comes the processors, who take the raw cannabis plant material and prepare it as different forms for retail sale.

  3. The medical marijuana processors then sell their products to licensed cannabis dispensaries that sell directly to patients.


In addition to cultivation, processing and wholesale distribution to dispensaries, all medical marijuana products sold in Ohio must go through a series of stringent lab tests in order to ensure potency, safety and purity.


Ohio dispensaries have the freedom to price their products however they see fit, so some might offer better pricing than others. With this in mind, we've done the legwork to find all of the best prices at Ohio dispensaries throughout the state!

How Much Medical Marijuana Can Be Purchased In Ohio at One Time?

One of the most common questions people ask about the medical marijuana program in Ohio is, “How much cannabis can I purchase at the dispensary?” Like many things in this industry, it’s a bit complicated but once you understand the system it is fairly straightforward.


  • In mid April 2020 there was a small but significant change to the way in which the 90 day supply could be purchased. This change splits the 90 day supply into (2) 45 day supplies.


  • This essentially means that your annual medical marijuana recommendation is broken into eight 45-day unit supplies over the course of the year totaling 360 day-units available for purchase. It begins on the day you receive your recommendation.


  • A “day unit” equals a predetermined amount based on what type or form of medical marijuana product is purchased.​ See below for a breakdown of the allotted amounts of medical marijuana per form.


  • ​Each medical marijuana product has a minimum associated “day unit” which when purchased subtracts from your 45-day supply.


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