10 Expert Tips for Life Expectancy | How to increase Life span

Life span

Life span - Everyone wants to live life to its full length of time. However, only a few people will be lucky to lead life happily till the end of maximum life span. The present article discusses the essential tips to follow for living a healthy life to its fullest extent.

How To Prevent Premature End Of Life And Stay Healthy During The Entire Saga?  

Staying longer and stronger primarily depends on inherent genes. However, normal life span can also be maintained by adopting simple measures.  Doing daily physical exercises and increasing the share of vegetables in the total daily diet which supply to the body the essential fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and help to reduce fat and keep up good metabolism are some of the basic tenets to follow.  Outing with friends and family members also helps to reduce the mental stress for upkeep of mental peace. Turn off television, if you happen to watch macabre gory news items and stressful stories that only add to your psychological agony. Prolonged and excessive watching of TV makes you eat more junk food, leading to unwanted increase in bodily weight.

Life Span Tips For Everyone:

Reduce/replace Carbohydrates By Fresh Vegetables In Your Diet:

Those who eat more vegetables can sustain their standard life span. Vegetables have more oxidants and few calories. Antioxidants help repair some of the damage caused by aging. Healthy diet coupled with physical exercise leads to weight loss and keeps the body active. Eating healthy fruits strengthens the sap of your life.

You can read and know Fruits Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts.

 If You Are A Non-vegetarian, Eat More Fish And Sea Food:

Eat fish once or twice a week, as fish contains high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids protect heart and brain. Consumption of fish is found to reduce the risk of heart strokes, heart attacks and cancer.

Go Outside For A Long Walk:

Going for a morning stroll, preferably brisk walk, in the open fields of lush vegetation will get you sufficient fresh oxygen to breathe in. Try to get your body exposed to sunlight as the body cells will get triggered to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D improves bone health. If you are in a zone of ultra violet radiation, anoint your body with sun screen lotions to prevent getting tanned.

Another natural home remedy for good life span is drinking of juices. Juices from fresh fruits and vegetables will help you a lot. Try mixed fruits and vegetables juices at your home. Don’t take bottled or packed juices which are usually contaminated with preservatives and coloring substances. You can get to know more facts from 

Fresh Juices And Packed Juices Nutritional Values And Health Benefits.

Another best naturally available material is raw honey. Honey has many health benefits and medicinal values. You can mix with lemon water. Try every morning with a glass of it for healthy weight and good digestive system. Read the article for complete information on 

Raw Honey Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts.

Turn Off Your Television For A Longer Life Expectancy:

Watching TV and playing video games continuously for hours make you inactive and you are more likely to eat junk food inadvertently, causing to gain undesirable weight. News from TV programmes are replete with unpleasant agonising events/stories which only add to mental disturbance. Continuous watching of TV will make your body a lazy immobile bio-mass, causing accumulation of unwanted fat in the body. Playing the video games for hours keeps you glued to the seat, makes your body lethargic and morbidly passive.

Floss Daily:

Flossing prevents gum diseases and also heart ailments. When gums are not clean, they harm the arteries and lead to heart diseases. When food reaches stomach through an improperly cleaned mouth, the unwanted deposits of the tartar/plaque (rejected by the body) after digestion, are not totally excreted from anal outlet. Over a period of time, the tunnel passages of arteries are choked by the unexpelled dirt. This ultimately leads to poor internal circulation of blood and heart problems.

Life span


Screenings And Frequent Medical Check-ups :

Screenings and total body check-ups help in earlier detection of health problems, if any. Timely treatment of ailments can ensure prolonging the lifetime of an individual.

Avoiding Fatal Risks Increases The Length Of Your Lifetime:

Avoid risky and deadly adventures / activities. Don’t smoke and maintain healthy weight. The biggest cause of death for people is age related diseases, accidents and injuries. Focus on avoiding risks and abstain from dangerous habits like riding two wheelers without helmets, driving four wheelers without wearing seat belt, moving in the vehicular traffic in a drunken/inebriated state, ignoring the traffic rules while on the move etc.

Life span


De-stress For A Long Life Expectancy:

Endless stress may shorten human lifespan as the tortured brain cannot coordinate normally with the nervous system that controls all parts of the body. Stress is also linked to excessive anxiety, heightened tension,  fear/paranoia of not achieving the set goals, severe disappointment over non-achievements, non-recovery from the sudden mental collapse over the loss of family members or intimate friends, not sleeping sufficiently well etc.  Meditation is great for relaxation and concentration which strengthens the durability of mind, mental stamina and tolerating power to withstand serious emotional issues.

Hang Out With Friends And Relatives:

Spending merrily as long as possible with your true friends and relatives who are psychologically aligned with your ideas eases off your brain and makes you feel lighter and cheerful. A healthy and active mind certainly enables you to deal with routine problems effortlessly. The soundness of mental health helps proper functioning of nervous system as well as somatic systems indirectly.

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