Success Story of DHI Patient- Best Hair Transplant Technique in Bangalore,India

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DHI-Direct Hair Implantation Technique is one of the world's most advanced, effective, and painless Hair Transplant Technique that guarantees natural results in hair transplant. We provide scientific diagnosis with the best treatment facilities to our patients. so is a story of the patients that recover 100% Natural hairs and confidence in his life.

Shaad Rahman, who runs Phixman Technologies Pvt Ltd, came to DHI for consultation in February 2019 where he was diagnosed with Norwood Grade 3 Alopecia. His procedure was performed on 19 March 2019, during which 4,598 hair were implanted using DHI patented implanter giving a high-density hair transplant of more than 85 hairs per square centimeter, to match his existing density of hair. Both the extraction and implantation took just 3 hours each. According to Shaad, it was a painless procedure. Post-procedure recovery was also very smooth and he returned to work after 3 days. Here is the picture of Him after he got treated from hair transplant clinic in Bangalore.

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