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Tangerine Fruit Health Benefits Nutritional Facts | Tangerines

Tangerine Fruit

Tangerine fruit is low in calories and a good source of flavonoid antioxidants like naringin, naringenin, vitamin-A, hesperetin, carotenes, xanthins, and lutein. Health benefits of Tangerine include ability to reduce the blood pressure, improve digestion and heart health, boost the immunity system, protect against the Osteoporosis, prevent hair fall and improve the skin health.

What Is Tangerine Fruit?

Tangerine fruit is also known as mandarin oranges. Tangerines are closely related to oranges but tangerine is small size, sweeter juicy flesh with easily peelable skin compared to oranges. Tangerine belongs to Rutaceae family and the scientific name of tangerine is citrus reticulate. Tangerines have deep orange colored skin.  Taste of tangerine is less sour and much sweeter. Tangerines are available in late October through January. Tangerine is used in desserts, salads, and tangerine juice used in noodles, chicken and fish recipes. India, China, Spain, Turkey and Brazil are major 5 tangerine producing countries.

Nutritional Facts of Tangerine Fruit:

Tangerine has with vitamins, minerals and proteins.

  • Vitamins:

Tangerine contains 26.7 mg (32% of RDA-Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamin C, 10.2 mg (2% of RDA) of choline, 16 μg (4% of RDA) of folate, 0.078 mg (6% of RDA) of vitamin B6, 0.216 mg (4% of RDA) of vitamin B5, 0.058 mg (5% of RDA) of vitamin B1, 34 μg (4% of RDA) of vitamin A, 155 μg (1% of RDA) of beta –carotene, 10.2 mg (2% of RDA) of choline.

  • Minerals:

Tangerine contains 37 mg (4% of RDA) of calcium, 166 mg (4% of RDA) of potassium, 12 mg (3% of RDA) of magnesium, 20 mg (3% of RDA) of phosphorus, 0.15 mg (1% of RDA) of iron.

  • Proteins:

0.81g of proteins present in the tangerine.

  • Carbohydrates:

13.34 g of carbohydrates present in the tangerine.

  • Fat:

Tangerine contains 0.31g of fat.

  • Energy:

223 KJ of energy present in the tangerine.

Health Benefits Of Tangerine Fruit:

  1. Helpful For Pregnant Women:

Tangerine contains high amount of folate. Folate helps to red blood cell formation in expecting mothers. Deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women leads to neural tube defect in new borns.

  1. Maintains Ideal Blood Pressure:

Tangerines have potassium and a low content of sodium. Potassium helps to reduce bad cholesterol in our body and gives relaxation of blood vessels and maintains proper blood pressure.

  1. Younger Looking Skin:

Tangerines have vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A helps to postpone age related maladies such as dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, and protects the skin from free radicals and gives smooth and youthful appearance to skin.

  1. Prevent Hair Fall:

Tangerine contains vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin C, which helps to fight against pollution that makes hair loss and promotes hair growth.

  1. Digestion:

Tangerine has high amount of vitamin A and fiber which help improving nutrition absorption and keeps digestive tract hydrated. Fiber can prevent constipation and helps easier digestion.

  1. Strengthens Bones:

Tangerines have vitamin C and potassium, which help to keep bones strong, help for muscle growth and protect from the osteoporosis diseases. Tangerines are the perfect choice to add some Vitamin C and Potassium in your body.

  1. Immunity System:

A tangerine has high concentration of vitamin C to keep immunity system strong and fight against the side infections caused by virus, bacteria in the body.

  1. Healthy Heart:

Potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 found in the tangerines help to protect against atherosclerosis which is the cause of many heart attacks and strokes. Potassium helps to reduce bad cholesterol in our body and keep heart healthy.

Tangerine Fruit

  1. Improve Cognitive Functioning:

Tangerines are loaded with potassium, folate, and vitamin B6. Potassium helps to increase blood flow to the brain and boost the concentration, cognition and neural activity. Folate protects against the cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Good For Eye's Health:

Tangerines can help to prevent age related macular degeneration and cataracts. Tangerine contains good amount of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which prevent you from this disease and keep your vision sharp.

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