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Loquat Fruit Nutrition Facts Health Benefits | Loquat Fruits

Loquat Fruit

Loquat fruit contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and other nutrients. Loquat fruit provides health benefits, including prevention of diabetes, lowering the risk of  cancer, decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol, boosting the immunity system, strengthening the bones / teeth and controlling  blood pressure and many more.

What Is Loquat Fruit?

Loquat fruit is sweet, tangy delicious fruit. The botanical name is Eriobotrya japonica. Loquat fruit is native to China and later it has spread all over the world. It is also known as pipa, Japanese medlar, Japanese plum and Chinese plum. Loquat fruit is mainly consumed raw and is also processed to prepare jams, jellies and juice. The leaves of the plant have also been found to be beneficial when dried and brewed into tea beverage. It is very health and nutritious fruit.

Loquat Fruit Nutritional Facts:

Loquat fruit is a source of vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants. The nutrition value per 100 grams (3.5 Oz) and percentage of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) are :


Vitamin A equiv.        76 μg (10% of RDA)

Thiamine (B1)           0.019 mg (2% of RDA)

Riboflavin (B2)          0.024 mg (2% of RDA)

Niacin (B3)                 0.18 mg (1% of RDA)

Vitamin B6                 0.1 mg (8% of RDA)

Folate (B9)                 14 μg (4% of RDA)

Vitamin C                    1 mg (1% of RDA)


Calcium                       16 mg (2% of RDA)

Iron                             0.28 mg (2% of RDA)

Magnesium                13 mg (4% of RDA)

Manganese                 0.148 mg (7% of RDA)

Phosphorus               27 mg (4% of RDA)

Potassium                  266 mg (6% of RDA)

Sodium                       1 mg (0% of RDA)

Zinc                             0.05 mg (1% of RDA)


Loquat fruits contain the 197 kJ (47 kcal)


Carbohydrates:         12.14 g

Sugars:                     19.08 g

Dietary fiber:             1.5 g


Loquat fruits have 0.2 g of healthy fat


0.43 g of proteins is there in Loquat fruits

Loquat Fruit Health Benefits:

Due to high amount of minerals, vitamins, fiber, loquat fruit boosts the overall human health.

1. Lowers Risk Of Colon Cancer:

Loquat fruit protect from the colon cancer because loquat fruit contains high amount of dietary fibers called as pectin, which helps to reduce the toxins in the colon.

2. Prevents Other Types Of Cancer:

Loquat contains high amount of antioxidants, vitamin A, which protect from free radicals and so it prevents lung and oral cancer.

3. Benefits The Skin:

Loquat is rich in vitamin A and antioxidant; vitamin A helps to increase the moisture and promotes the healthy skin, antioxidants help to protect the early aging.

4. Improves The Eye Vision:

Loquat fruit has high amount of Vitamin A, which helps to protect from cataract and macular degeneration. Thus, it safeguards eyes.

5. Promotes Weight Loss:

Loquat fruit helps to promote a healthy weight loss because it contains good amount of dietary fiber and is also low in calories, suppressing excess appetite and enhancing metabolism.

6. Increases The RBC Formation:

It has the high amounts of manganese, magnesium, copper, iron which are helpful in the formation of RBC ; it also contains vitamin C  that increases the iron absorption in the body.

7. Maintains Proper Blood Pressure:

This fruit contains the higher amount of potassium and lower amount sodium. Potassium is required to balance electrolyte. Thus it helps to maintain a blood pressure and also reduce the risk of heart attacks.

8. Diabetes Prevention:

The leaves of the plant produce the unique chemical known as triterpenes that regulates the insulin and glucose levels, which help protect the body against diabetes.

Loquat Fruit

9. Strengthen The Bones And Teeth:

Due to high amount of vitamin A it strengthens bones and teeth. Bone related diseases like Arthritis or Osteoporosis may be staved off by intake of proper quantities of the fruit regularly.

10. Protection Of Liver:

The leaves of the loquat fruit plant contain Amygdalin (B-17), which is helpful in removing  the toxins from liver thus helping in proper functioning of liver.

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