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How Homemade Juice Will Differ From Packaged Juices


Before telling about difference between homemade juice and packed juices, we need to know how the juice is useful for our health.

How Juice Is Important For Our Health?

Nowadays, people have grown so conscious about their bodies that many make several efforts to maintain good health. Juices can be used to keep our body healthy and also to prevent unwanted appetite. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients and vitamins. Juices can immediately break down food material inside human body.

How Fresh Homemade Juices Will Differ From Packaged Juices?

People in the modern world do not have time to make juices at home and they are preferring packed juices. People buy packaged juices in markets, departmental stores and malls to save their time. Many people are under the impression that packed juices are healthy. Is this really good for health? Not at all.

Health Facts Of Packaged Juices:

The packed juices have shelf life of 6 months or up to a year. Packaged juices generally have added preservatives to make them last longer. Due to the use of chemicals a lot of the nutritional value of the juices comes down.

They also have the added sugars and artificial flavors to maintain taste but the added sugars can raise your body weight whereas the preservatives and artificial flavors reduce the nutritional content of the juice. Consumption of the packed juices is harmful for people who are diabetic struggling to control sugar levels.


Although some companies add artificial nutrients to the juices, those nutrients are not as good as the original ones. Due to artificial sweetness by any kind of sugar is not beneficial for people who are up to weight control program because it contains high amount of calories.

Homemade Juice Health Benefits:

If you are making juices at home, you can make a drink with good quality fruits or vegetables. Homemade juices contain natural nutritive substances as they are derived from the nutrients present in the fruits. Homemade juices do not contain any artificial flavors or nutrients and hence retain their original nutrient content.


In addition, the lack of added sugar makes homemade juice healthier as they do not contribute to unhealthy weight gain. By using vegetables along with fruits, one can increase the content of pulp and fiber, thus making it much more nutritious. Homemade juice help in maintenance of health by promoting growth and development, assisting in digestion, providing energy, protecting against oxidation, renewing cells and enriching blood.

Read and Understand:

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