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Durio Zibethinus Fruit Nutritional Facts Amazing Health Benefits | Durian Fruits

Durio zibethinus Fruit

Durio zibethinus Fruit is recognized as the king of fruits in many South East Asian countries. It provides wide range of health benefits including ability to prevent cancer, improve the digestion, strengthen bones, cure anemia and reduce infectious agents and harmful free radicals. It can also reduce wrinkles, age spots and tooth loosening.

What Is Durio Zibethinus Fruit?

Durio zibethinus Fruit is also called as Durian fruits. Durio Zibethinus belongs to malvaceae family. Durio Zibethinus is a soft and delicious fruit.  Durio Zibethinus fruit is one of the most popular tropical fruits. It is used as a flavoring agent in a wide variety of sweet preparations, ice creams and milkshakes. Durio Zibethinus seeds appear like jack fruit seeds. Durio Zibethinus contains high energy nutrients, minerals and vitamins. One 100g fresh fruit carries 147 calories. Durio zibethinus Fruit is available from June to August. The delicious Durian fruit is native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei, and Philippines.

Nutrition Facts Of Durio Zibethinus Fruit:

Durio Zibethinus fruit has high content of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Minerals Of Durio zibethinus Fruit:

Calcium                      6mg (0.6% of RDA- Recommended Diet Allowance)

Copper                       0.207 mg (23% of RDA)

Iron                             0.43 mg (5% of RDA)

Magnesium                30 mg (7.5% of RDA)

Manganese                0.325 mg (14% of RDA)

Phosphorus               39 mg (6% of RDA)

Zinc                            0.28 mg (2.5% of RDA)

Vitamins Of Durio Zibethinus:

folates                        36mg (9% of RDA)

Niacin                        1.074mg (7% of RDA)

Pantothenic acid        0.230mg (4.5% of RDA)

Pyridoxine                 0.316mg (24% of RDA)

Riboflavin                   0.200mg (15% of RDA)

Thiamin                      0.374mg (31% of RDA)

Vitamin C                   19.7 mg (33% of RDA)

Other Nutrients Of Durio Zibethinus:

Energy                        147 Kcal (7% of RDA)

Carbohydrates           27.09 (21% of RDA)

 Protein                       1.47 g (2.5% of RDA)

 Fat                             5.33 g (20% of RDA)

 Dietary Fiber             3.8 g(10% of RDA).

Health Benefits Of Durio Zibethinus:

Durio Zibethinus contains high vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous.

      1. Digestive System Improvement:

Durio Zibethinus contains high levels of dietary fiber. Fiber reduces the conditions like cramps, constipation, heartburn and blockage in the intestines. Fiber content helps eliminating cancer causing chemicals from the gut.

  1. Durio Zibethinus​ Fruit Works For Anti-Aging:

Durio Zibethinus is a good source of antioxidant vitamin C. It helps to reduce infectious agents and harmful free radicals. Durio Zibethinus also reduces wrinkles, age spots and tooth loosening.

  1. Durio Zibethinus​ Fruit Helps Bone Strength:

Durio Zibethinus contains potassium, copper and magnesium. It helps to develop the bone strength and protect from osteoporosis disease.

  1. Durio Zibethinus​ Fruit Helps In Prevention Of Anemia:

Durio Zibethinus is a good source of copper, iron, magnesium and manganese. Copper is required in the production of red blood cells. Iron is essential for red blood cell formation. It reduces anemia and also reduces migraines, fatigue and cognitive malfunction.

Durio zibethinus Fruit

  1. Cancer Prevention:

Durio Zibethinus contains vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E and phytonutrients. Durio Zibethinus protects from cancer and reduces the free radicals.

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