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Carambola Fruits Health Benefits Nutritional Facts | Star Fruit

Carambola Fruits

Carambola fruits are a storehouse of many nutritional values. Due to its potential effects on our health Carambola has recently gained global popularity. Health benefits of carambola include promoting the weight loss, preventing the hair fall and helping to maintain healthy skin and  ideal blood pressure. It also helps to boost immunity, maintains healthy heart and prevents constipation and also helps to improve the quality of sleep.

What Is Carambola?

Carambola is also known as star fruit. Carambola fruits are both sour and sweet taste. The scientific name of Carambola is Averrhoa carambola. It belongs to Oxalidaceae family. The sour carambola fruit is available in end of the sunny days to middle of wintertime and the sweet fruit is available in summer to autumn equinox. Carambola is rich in minerals, vitamins. Carambola has a golden yellow to green color. Philippines, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Srilanka and Bangladesh are the largest producers of Carambola fruit. Carambola uses many ways to make curry, juice, pies, jam and pickles.

Nutritional Facts OF Carambola Fruits:

Carambola is high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Minerals Of Carambola:

Calcium                                                           (0% of RDA) 3 mg

Iron                                                                 (1% of RDA) 0.08 mg

Magnesium                                                    (3% of RDA) 10 mg

Manganese                                                     (2% of RDA) 0.037 mg

Phosphorus                                                   (2% of RDA) 12 mg

Potassium                                                      (3% of RDA) 133 mg

Sodium                                                           (0% of RDA) 2 mg

Zinc                                                                 (1% of RDA) 0.12 mg

Vitamins Of Carambola:

Vitamin A equiv. lutein zeaxanthin                66 μg

Thiamine (B1)                                               (1% of RDA) 0.014 mg

Riboflavin (B2)                                              (1% of RDA) 0.016 mg

Niacin (B3)                                                     (2% of RDA) 0.367 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5)                                    (8% of RDA) 0.391 mg

Vitamin B6                                                     (1% of RDA) 0.017 mg

Folate (B9)                                                     (3% of RDA) 12 μg

Choline                                                           (2% of RDA) 7.6 mg

Vitamin C                                                        (41% of RDA) 34.4 mg

Vitamin E                                                        (1% of RDA) 0.15 mg

Nutrients Of Carambola:

Carambola contains 2.8 g of Dietary fiber, 6.73 g of carbohydrates, 0.33g of fat, 1.04g of protein

Health Benefits Of Carambola Fruit:

  1. Carambolas  Can Maintain Beauty Of Skin:

Carambolas contain vitamin C. It removes the toxins and free radicals in our body and make the skin glow. Carambola juice helps to give smooth skin and reduce the wrinkles.

  1. Carambolas Can Prevent Hair Fall:

Carambolas are rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants which help to prevent hair fall and keep hair strong and healthy.

  1. Carambolas Can Help Sleep Well:

Carambolas contain high magnesium which helps to reduce the occurrence of insomnia and improve the quality and duration of sleep.

  1. Carambola Fruits Can Help Lose Weight:

Carambolas contain high amounts of minerals, fiber, low calories and water content which help to lose weight and keep healthy.

  1. Carambola Can Help Maintain Ideal Blood Pressure:

Carambola is high in potassium and has low content of sodium. Potassium helps to maintain proper blood pressure and blood vessels to relax.

  1. Carambola Can Help To Maintain Healthy Heart:

Carambola has high potassium, low calories and low fat. These help for maintaining a proper blood pressure and regular heartbeat. Regular heart beat keeps ideal blood flow. Potassium helps to lower the bad cholesterol in our body.

  1. Carambola Can Help To Maintain Immunity System:

Carambola is a  good source of vitamin C. It helps to boost the immunity system and avoid the flu, cold and other similar infections.

Carambola fruits

  1. Carambola Can Help To Improve Breastfeeding:

Carambola has vitamins, minerals and high nutrients which help to improve the milk production in mothers with infants naturally.

  1. Carambola Helps Support Digestive System:

Carambola contains fiber which helps ease digestion, keeps safe from cancer and prevents constipation.

Important Note:

Carambola contains caramboxin and high levels of oxalic acids. These substances are harmful for who are suffering from kidney stones or kidney failures. If you are using any medication, don’t consume carambola fruit or juice.

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