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Cantaloupe Fruit Nutritional Facts Health Benefits

Cantaloupe Fruit

Cantaloupe fruit contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, Niacin, dietary fiber, folic acid and 80% of water. It has a wide variety of health benefits like good skin, thick and strong hair, healthy lungs, improvement of vision, reduced chances of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

What Is Cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe fruit is a delicious fruit and is also known as muskmelon, Persian melon, rock melon and mush melon. Cantaloupes belong to Cucurbitaceae family. Cantaloupe is sweet in taste when ripe.  Cantaloupe can weigh between from 500 g to 5 kg. Different types of cantaloupes are honeydew, Hami melon, Galia melon and canary melon. Cantaloupes are used for juice, desserts, custards or fruit salads. China, Turkey, United States of America and Iran are the main producers of cantaloupe. Original source of Cantaloupe was actually in Africa, Iran, and India.

Nutrition Facts Of Cantaloupe Fruits:

Cantaloupe contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients.


Cantaloupe fruit contains

Calcium                       9mg (1% of RDA)

Potassium                   267mg (2%of RDA)

Magnesium                 12mg (3%of RDA)

Manganese                 0.041mg (2%of RDA)

Phosphorous              15mg (2%of RDA)


Cantaloupe contains

Vitamin C                    36.7mg (44% of RDA)

Vitamin K                    2.5 μg (2%of RDA)

Folate                          21μg (5%of RDA)

Vitamin B6                  0.072mg (6%of RDA)

Vitamin B1                  0.041mg (4%of RDA)

Niacin                         0.734mg (5%of RDA)

Vitamin A                    169 μg (21%of RDA)


Cantaloupe contains 8.16 g of carbohydrates, 7.86 g of sugars, 0.9 g of Dietary fiber, 0.19g of fat and 0.84g of protein.

Health Benefits Of Cantaloupe Fruit:

Cantaloupe has a wide variety of health benefits such as tooth care, vision, skin care, cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, health care for pregnant women and hair care.

  1. Healthy Skin:

Cantaloupe contains vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B and Choline. These help to keep skin healthy and prevent damage by free radicals, maintains skin elasticity. Cantaloupe juice also helps to hydrating and softening the skin.

  1. Benefits To Pregnant Women:

Cantaloupe contains high folic acid which helps to prevent neural tube disorder in fetuses and also production of new cells.

  1. Hair Care:

Cantaloupe is a good source of vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to promote hair growth and prevents the hair loss. Cantaloupe can also use as conditioner during the sunny days.

  1. Vision:

Cantaloupe is a good source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. Cantaloupe helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration disease.

  1. Healthy Lungs:

Cantaloupes are one of the best fruits for smokers whose lungs have been severely damaged. Cantaloupe fruit maintains lungs healthy.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease:

Cantaloupe contains potassium. It helps to lower the content of bad cholesterol and transport oxygen to the heart. Cantaloupe prevents blood clotting and hardening of arteries. It also protects from coronary heart disease and strokes.

  1. Cancer Prevention:

Cantaloupe has abundant nutritive substances like a powerful antioxidant to prevent the cancer and elimination of free radicals. It contains good amount of Beta-carotene  an antioxidant, that protects the body from free radicals and lowers the risk of cancer.

  1. Aids In Digestion:

High amount of dietary fiber present in cantaloupe is important to regulate the bowel movement and digestive health. Dietary fiber can bulk up your stool and reduce chances of constipation.

Cantaloupe Fruit

  1. Tooth Care:

Cantaloupe skin is useful for reducing tooth ache. Cantaloupe is useful in maintaining healthy teeth.

  1. Good Hydration:

Cantaloupe contains high water content, at almost 80%. Consumption of cantaloupe helps you stay hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Reduce The Stress:

Cantaloupe is a good source of potassium which combats stress by relaxing the blood vessels and lowering the blood pressure, normalizing the heartbeat and increasing the supply of oxygen and flow of blood to the brain, thus making you feel more relaxed and focused.

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