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Banana Fruit Health Benefits Nutritional Facts | Amazing Benefits

Banana fruit

Bananas are rich in minerals, vitamins and organic compound content. Banana fruit provides massive health benefits, prevents cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders, anemia, arthritis, constipation, osteoporosis,  piles. It also improves eye health and aids to gain weight.

What Is Banana?

Banan fruit belongs to Musaceae family.  The scientific name of banana fruit is Musa Acuminate. Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. Banana is creamy and a delicious fruit. It is available all year round. Banana comes in different sizes, weight and color. Banana fruit is composed of soft easily digestible pulp made up of sugars like sucrose and fructose. Bananas can be used in milkshakes, jams, ice cream, fruit salads, cakes, muffins, bread pudding, chips and more. India, China, Philippines, Brazil and Ecuador countries are among the largest producers of bananas.

Nutritional Facts Of Banana Fruit:

Minerals, vitamins and proteins are found in the banana.

  • Minerals:

Banana contains 0.270 mg (13% of RDA-Recommended Dietary Allowance) of manganese, 22mg (3% of RDA) of phosphorus, 0.078mg (8% of RDA) of copper, 0.26 mg (2% of RDA) of iron, 5 mg (0.5% of RDA) of calcium, 27 mg (7% of RDA) of magnesium, 1.0 µg (2% of RDA) of selenium and 0.15 mg (1% of RDA) of zinc.

  • Vitamins:

Banana contains 0.10mg (1% of RDA) of vitamin E, 8.7 mg (15% of RDA) of vitamin C, 0.031 mg (2% of RDA) of thiamin, 0.073 mg (5% of RDA) of Riboflavin,0.0334 mg (7% of RDA) of pantothenic acid, 0.0665 mg (4% of RDA) of Niacin and 0.5µg(1% of RDA) of vitamin K.

  • Dietary Fiber:

Banana contains 2.60g (7% of RDA) of dietary fiber.

  • Proteins:

Banana contains 1.09g (2% of RDA) of proteins.

  • Total Fat:

Banana contains 0.33 g (1% of RDA) of fat.

  • Carbohydrates:

22.84 g (18% of FDA) of carbohydrates present in the banana.

  • Energy:

89 kcal (4.5% of RDA) of energy present in the banana.

Health Benefits Of Banana Fruit:

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases:

Bananas contains high amount of potassium and fiber which help relaxation of arteries and veins and also reduce bad cholesterol in our body and maintains proper blood pressure. To know about insulin and diabetes, ways to control blood sugar levels, types of symptoms, causes, preventive methods of diabetes,  read our full article discussed on  diabetes types, causes, symptoms, prevention tips.

  1. Eye Health:

Bananas are packed with antioxidants  and carotenoids which help to improve the health of eyes and reduce the cataracts, macular degeneration and night blindness diseases.

  1. Kidney Disorders:

Bananas contain antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds which help to keep toxins from accumulating in the body and maintain proper functioning of the kidneys.

  1. Stronger Bones:

Good amount of calcium in bananas makes it a super fruit. Calcium is the important element for giving strength to the bones and reduces the effects of osteoporosis. It also contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B, and vitamins C are all extremely great for maintaining strong bones.

  1. Anemia:

 Banana is good source for those suffering from anemia because iron is found in  banana. Iron helps to increase red blood cells in the body and protects from anemia. Anemia is a condition where there is a deficiency red blood cells in the blood. 

  1. Weight Gain:

Bananas are helpful to gain weight.  It contains high amount of calories and sugars. Bananas provide more energy. Eat bananas with milk to gain weight easily. At the same time, if eaten without milk and curd, it also helps for weight loss because it contains a lot of fiber as well and is easy to digest. 

  1. Piles:

Bananas have anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat piles by reducing the inflammation, itching and worsening of the condition.

Banana fruit

  1. Arthritis And Gout:

Bananas contain high amount of vitamins, minerals and also contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce swelling, irritation and inflammations from various conditions like arthritis and gout. Read the full article on Arthritis Disease, Symptoms, Prevention, Precautionary tips to know more about Arthritis problems and prevention tips.

  1. Constipation:

Bananas are excellent in curing constipation and also reduce other intestinal disorders because they contain good amount of fiber helping in smooth bowel movements.


  • Those who are suffering from migraine headaches should not eat more than half of medium sized banana.
  • Bananas contain high amount of fiber. Eating too much fiber can lead to stomach cramps.
  • Bananas also contain lot of potassium. Consumption of too much potassium can be harmful for whose kidneys are not fully functional.

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