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The food we eat douses the flames of appetite, supplies our body the necessary amount of energy to stay alive and active enough for minimal activities of locomotion. Since livelihood cannot be earned by merely staying capable of budging to smaller extents, physical exercise is all the more necessary to acquire adequate the bodily fitness to carry out the requisite amount of hard work to make a living. Physical exercise ensures proper assimilation of food that has been consumed and converts the victuals into final form of energy useful for going ahead with normal physical deeds.

Food to Energy Cycle:

Human body gets sufficient energy only when the food that is consumed is properly imbibed into the physiological system. Many a time, total imbibition of the food is possible when the body undergoes sufficient physical stress. Without rigorous physical activity, the food eaten tends to remain partly-digested for longer periods of time; or the finally processed digested food results in generation of calories in the body which need to be consumed by way of metabolism, either inherent or induced. The entire food-to-energy cycle consists of the following stages:

  1. Chewing or masticating the food, making into smaller particles for the easier process of digestion;
  2. Digesting the food or bolus by peristalsis and secretion of digestive enzymes;
  3. Absorption of the digested food and excretion of unwanted matter;
  4. Converting the absorbed food into energy;
  5. Supply of energy to different parts of the body;
  6. Expending the surplus stored energy by physical activity;
  7. Re-intake of food to repeat the entire food-to-energy cycle all over once again.


All the activities mentioned above follow a natural succession one after the other. But, unfortunately, in the present day environment where good chunk of population is confined within comfortable ambience for most part of the day with least physical strain, people find it difficult to spend all the energy for proper distribution to different organs of the body as also the accumulated surplus energy that is left out after utilization by the various parts of the body. Either the routine physical activity or the deliberate physical workout should be hard enough to burn up completely the remnant energy that accumulates at the end of the energy cycle. In the event of non-utilisation of stored energy, there is likelihood for various forms of abnormal indispositions, some of which could be taxing/harassing relentlessly till the end of life.

In the present days, people across the world face the problem of being attacked by the everlasting chronic diseases caused due to incomplete burning of calories accumulated in the body. Attention is gradually being focused on different methods of expending energy by laborious workouts because the menace of the impending health hazards is getting too intimidating day by day.

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For keeping the human body physically fit, the nature of different workouts needs to be chosen carefully so as to suit the present condition of the body, taking into account the present age of the individual, the medical history of the individual as well as that of his/her consanguine members of pedigree, the present medication, if any, being given on the person and physical stamina (variable from person to person).

The time schedule for taking up the physical activity too depends on the suitability for each individual and personal limitation. The general popular belief is that the wee hours of dawn are the most ideal time for physical workouts for all groups of people, when fresh air is amply available in the environment for breathing in. Usually, physical workouts render the body gasping and exasperating whereupon the body tries to inhale higher amounts of air than under normal circumstances. Elderly sagacious forefathers keep insisting that early morning is the best suitable time for physical exercise when body tries to take in the fresh oxygen abundant in the open air. All types of exercises, both mild and rigorous, are suggested to be practised outdoors to enable the body to receive fresh oxygen in the morning at sunrise. Whether it is mild set of exercises like yoga or severe workouts like running, cycling, swimming, push-ups, squats, chin-ups etc., the physical exercises are believed to yield better results, when taken up in the early morning hours al fresco.

Best Time For Physical Exercise or Work Outs:

Researchers in Belgium conducted an experiment to find out the most ideal time for physical exercises which could yield maximum desirable results. Volunteers were divided into three groups; the first group was asked not to undertake any exercise at all, either before or after eating. The second group was instructed to exercise vigorously two hours after they ate breakfast. The third group was told to use the same physical work outs a few hours before eating anything, but early in the dawn.

On making sure that all the three groups followed the instructions strictly as directed, the researchers verified the results after six months. Each person in the first group which was not required to do any physical exercise showed an increase in weight by six pounds on an average. The second group too gained weight (though not as much as by the first group) an average weight of three pounds per person.

Here comes the most welcoming part of the observation. The third group of volunteers worked out in the early hours of morning, maintaining a considerably big gap before breakfast everyday, showed no gain in weight at all and their insulin levels were found to be very much within healthy limits.

Professor Peter Hespel, who studied the above observations, remarked that people who work out with empty stomach would burn more calories than the people who undergo the same extent of physical strain after a few hours of eating. Another renowned personality Hugh Jackman, who practised the 16:8 method of fasting, observes that abstaining from eating for 16 hours in a day would not only assuage the hectic choking activity of conversion of food into energy, but improves the cognitive ability of brain.


However, there is not any hard-and-fast sacrosanct rule that physical exercise should not be taken up during afternoons and evenings. Considering the personal convenience of each individual (who might be doing their jobs in night shifts etc.,) alternative timings can be thought of. Instead of sitting idle, it is always better to torch down the fat accumulated in the body unmindful of the time-schedule of exercise.

The physical workouts have been gaining more importance nowadays in the light of high incidence of many diseases due to sedentary nature of jobs discharged by billions of employees across the world. When a major part of the job timings is spent by performing official duties, staying immobile in the chair, it is quite unlikely that the unspent energy accumulated in the body is properly burnt out. Hence, subjecting the body to physical exercises is more important than keeping it indolent and inactive under the pretext of not being able to follow the well-established norms of doing exercises during the early morning hours of sunrise.

However, it is quite common that the mental inclination for physical workouts may die down gradually over a period of time, due to tormenting monotony and eventual boredom associated with it. Various types of activities need to be alternatively switched over to smash down the palaver, under careful supervision of skilled professional trainers.

In case of certain category of people and feeble bodied women, gymnastic rigorous exercises might not be as suitable and interesting. For such people, under the surveillance of expert guides, aerobics or group dances with sprightly rhythmic music in the background like zumba dance might be suggested to sustain interest in the activity for months and years.

Finally, it can be unequivocally said that eating too much increases the burden on the liver which stores extra food that has been devoured. When food is eaten in modest quantities the internal system of the body is kept at comfortable levels of functioning. One of the true secrets to acquire enviable standard of good health is ------



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