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10 Best Exercises For Delayed Ejaculation You Can Do at Home

exercises for delayed ejaculation

Exercises for delayed ejaculation can become a blessing for a large number of men suffering from premature ejaculation. You can do some exercises at Bedtime instantly and some that you can do every morning to improve your performance. These exercises have proven their might as delayed ejaculation treatment exercises, but their results depend on your dedication and efforts. So Check out these different exercises to delay ejaculation.

1. Breath Deeply to Delay Ejaculation

A deep breath can surely help you hold momentary control over your ejaculation procedure. Breathing techniques to delay ejaculation in the easiest way to control your timing.You need only breathe deeply during your intercourse. You can easily add Deep breaths to your list of Premature Ejaculation Exercises to improve your performance.

2. Stop Squeeze Method For Premature Ejaculation

 Another exercise in delaying ejaculation is the stop and squeeze method. You need to perform this technique during intercourse. When you urge to ejaculate, stop and squeeze your pelvic muscles for a few seconds, release when you stop having ejaculation urges. This method is the quickest retarded ejaculation treatment, exercise you can do anytime.

3. Take Your Time

 This may be a straightforward approach to achieve delayed ejaculation. It is not one of the retarded ejaculation exercises, but it will surely help you. Don’t jump into bed. Instead, try to take things slowly in bed and live the moment. These slow actions will help you to control your emotions.

4. Clamp Practice

A bit of a painful exercise but an effective method but a bit painful. Grab your genital below the head and press down for seconds and release it. Do it while you are urinating or ejaculating. That way, you will understand the exact way to delay ejaculation.

5. Kegel Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

    Kegel exercises or pelvic muscle exercises are exercises that help you control the pelvic muscle area. A solid pelvic muscle helps you control your ejaculation. Kegel exercises for delayed ejaculation are a bit slow, but the results are very effective.

6. Aerobic Exercises for Increased Blood Flow

 Try to add some Aerobic Exercises to your daily routine. These exercises will assist you in many ways, such as stress reduction and increase blood flow. This increased blood flow will help you get a better erection and help you last longer in bed. Add different types of aerobic Exercises in your retarded ejaculation exercises like Running, cycling, and swimming to get your desired result sooner.

Aerobic exercise to delay ejaculation

7. Dhanurasana

 Dhanurasana is a great way to improve the strength of your lower body muscles. Perform daily to get positive results. To do this exercise for delayed ejaculation, lie down on a mat with your stomach, grab your leg with your hands, and try to lift your hip and shoulder to create a BOW shape. Meanwhile, try to breathe normally while holding the bow shape and slowly return to your original position.


8. Ashwini Mudra

    Another excellent delayed ejaculation treatment exercise you can efficiently perform at home. Ashwini Mudra focuses on strengthening the pelvic muscle of your body and provides you with greater control over your pelvic floor muscles. That increases your efficiency in bed. You can perform Ashwini Mudra anywhere you want, But the best way to perform it is in the morning. Sit Down properly, keeping your spine straight. Squeeze your anal muscles and try to breathe normally while Squeezing. Do as long as you feel comfortable and slowly increase your time. These breathing techniques to delay ejaculation will make your control over muscle natural over time.

9. Stress-Free Life

Stress is the biggest obstacle in your daily life, whether you notice it or not, but its Effects are pretty visible in your life. Avoid the situations that create stress or take measures to eliminate its effects. Use Meditation or oils to reduce its effects. A stress-free body will do far better in bed compared to a body suffering from stress.

10. Change the Position

 Changing position may seem insignificant, but the slightest of changes in intercourse position may increase your efficiency. So find a comfortable position that suits both of you. 

Bottom Line for Exercises for Delayed Ejaculation

I hope you find this list of Exercises for Delayed Ejaculation helpful. Combine various exercises in your daily life and Practice daily to see positive results in your performance. But try to perform these exercises with an empty bladder to avoid any discomforts. If you feel any pain, please stop doing it.

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