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Why Sunscreen Lotions Is The Best Complexion Care Cream?

Complexion Care Tinted Moisturiser Face Cream


Are You Resistant About Using Sunscreen? 

To maintain flawless and gorgeous skin, the inclusion of a good complexion care cream is a must. And what if your sunscreen serves the purpose. Many people have told you about the importance of using sunscreen lotion daily since childhood. Even when you visit a skin doctor or dermatologist for any such skin issue, they always recommend using good sunscreen along with prescribed medications.

It clearly indicates how important it is to use sunscreen regularly and if you are still not using it then definitely you are missing out one of the most vital steps for the skincare regime. With increased exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which results in tanning, sunburn, and also an increased risk of skin cancer. Also, repeated damage leads to skin inflammation, dryness, pigmentation, and discoloration.

Still not convinced to go for a sunscreen. Let’s explain the most important reasons for why sunscreen lotion is an absolute must for beautiful skin and care for your complexion. The best complexion care cream uses are:

  • Isn’t it appealing to listen if you can delay the signs of aging? Yes, the first and foremost reason for premature aging is sun exposure and lack of hydration and protection. Sunscreen here comes as a savior from those nasty fine lines and wrinkles and hydrates the skin with required moisture.
  • The skin blemishes, pigmentation, and discoloration is also reduced substantially if you inculcate the habit of using sunscreen regularly.
  • It prevents suntan, dark spots and at the same time, if you go for sunbathing for the tanned skin, it protects your skin providing a natural shield around from the harmful rays.
  • Sunscreen also enhances skin health by restoring collagen, protein, skin tissues and elastin keeping it smooth and glowing with health.
  • It provides you with broad-spectrum protection, i.e. guards you against both UVA/UVB rays.



Merely applying any sunscreen won’t solve your skin worries. It’s equally significant to choose the best sunscreen lotion for your skin as this will be the deciding factor that how well you are protected from the harsh rays of the sun. The various factors to pick out a good complexion care sunscreen are:

  • SPF  

Now before going further, it is also important to know about SPF as whenever you explore sunscreen lotions, the very first word highlighted is SPF.

 SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a number that indicates how well a sunscreen will protect the skin from the UVB rays. Depending on its number mentioned, as 15/25/30, it gives the low/medium/high protection. Higher the number safer you are.

  • PA

PA displays the level of protection from UVA rays while SPF manifests the level of protection from UVB rays. The protective grade of sunscreen is often regularized as PA+, PA++, PA+++.

The more plus signs indicate better protection from UVA rays.


Always make sure that your sunscreen has a broad spectrum of protection. (i.e.), it should provide protection from both type (UVA and UVB) rays. 


Every skin is different; some individuals may have acne-prone skin; others have dry skin. The product which works wonders on your skin may or may not be effective on your friend. However, some sunscreens are generic in nature that can be used by anyone; so we must choose a sunscreen suitable for the entire family and all age groups. 

However, applying sunscreen every 2 hrs. especially when you are swimming is recommended.


We all adore our bodies. We are always anxious about the constituents used in the product, and Since you need to embrace your daily skincare routine with a sunscreen irrespective of the seasons, make sure the product you choose is free of harmful chemicals and is all-natural. Now you might be in a dilemma to find one that ticks all the parameters. It is difficult to find a good sunscreen that has all the factors mentioned. Considering your inconvenience, with years of extensive research and testing, BIOAYURVEDA, one of the biggest Ayurvedic brand, came up with an exclusively new product COMPLEXION CARE TINTED MOISTURISER FACE CRÈME, which is not only a pure sunscreen but also is a moisturizer with foundation properties.

COMPLEXION CARE TINTED MOISTURISER FACE CRÈME is a unique blend of organic herbs, along with vital essential & natural oils, that are formulated for intense hydration and rejuvenation. Anti-aging, it supports cell renewal and smoothens fine lines. With active nutrients that penetrate deeply, it restores suppleness and luminescence. It keeps the pores clear and heals the skin from acne and breakouts.


This Cream is more than just skincare moisturizer. It is a perfect blend of herbal moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen all in one. The non-chemical sunscreen and moisturizing cream are tinted so as to provide you with properties of Foundation delivering a refreshingly luxurious, powdery-clean feel, while the subtle tint seamlessly blends into any skin tone yet washes away with water. Rich in botanical vitamins and antioxidants, protected from both UVA and UVB rays and suitable to all skin types. Discover the non-greasy, non-sticky feel of the Complexion care Tinted moisturizer and enjoy your no-make-up look. 



How To Use


  1. Use dry hands or spatula to scoop out the product. 
  2. Apply a dollop on cleansed face & neck and gently massage. 

The products from Luxury Ayurvedic brand are not only herbal but are not tested on animals and without chemicals. You can easily buy complexion care cream or sunscreen from our webshop

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